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I need to lose stomach fat…fast!?

I’m going on vacation soon and want to look good in my bikini but i need to lose a lot of stomach fat (sides, lower abs, and upper abs, i guess middle too, just everywhere on my stomach). i’m going to do 500 crunches a day. i have about 2-3 weeks to lose a lot of fat. no diet pills or food plans or drinks. nothing involving money please. what excersizes should i do? what should i eat? and i don’t care if i’m only supposed to lose 2 pounds a week..i want and need to lose more. thank you to those who actually answer the question. plus, give me good advice and any excersize workout things please. also, here’s a lsit of equipment that i can use:
-treadmill (i hate running though! but i can do some)
-5 pound dumbells
-uh, floor
thanks again everyone!

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3 Responses to “I need to lose stomach fat…fast!?”

  1. Pat said :

    do the stairmaster or just any type of cardio for 30-45 minutes and sit to ur crunches. but u have to do different variations of crunches. omg an definitely do so pilates.

  2. Broken Hearted said :

    keep doing what your doing but 30 – 40 mins on the bike 5 days a week too. you need to more than crunches though and work on your core muscles too. walking is really good for weight loss. also cut out on fizzy drinks as they tend to bloat u and drink lots of water. you could try going on a juice diet but i wouldn’t recommend u doing this for more than 3 days. if you are a member of the local library get yourself down there and see if you can get some books on it. i found a great book called firm abs flat tummy by anne-marie millard and it’s basically a 30 day plan to a flat stomach. there is also anther book called bikini fit so look out for that one too. Hope this is helpful

  3. tevorg89 said :

    You really wanted to have a flat stomach? Try to check this This site will give you more information on how to get rid the fat of your stomach fast.


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