I need to get into shape & lose fat ! help?!?

Hey, well first off I’m a 14 yr old girl. I way about 120-130 . My weight changes alot. I’m about 5’5 -5’6 . I’m not fat but I do have some fat on my lower abs that I would like to get rid of . I have some inner thigh fat too. Other than that, I’m really athletic and fit. I’m going to start soccer later this year in highschool so I want to be in great shape . How can I lose the fat fast ? What’s the best way to eat ? And how can I improve my soccer skills. Any help would be some help (; thx.

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4 Responses to “I need to get into shape & lose fat ! help?!?”

  1. katie said:

    just watch the calories on everything because the calories includes the fattening as well as soda they have the Calories which i hate but just do Diet Sodas and Tuna has alot of fattening only if you include mayo with it without it no problem…well you should also do WeightWatchers it works and you can also join in for Free and you could check it out
    if you get distracted by running on the treadmill just think your running on the fields but just ignore everything but just watch out for pets near treadmills but if your running outside just watch out for cars just ignore everybody and listen to your ipod or other.
    Back to the Calories and the lists of food if it in the package just make sure you watch out for the Calories and the Fat percentage…you could also look up for food in lower Calories and that could help as well. PS no Candy.

  2. Dom said:
  3. Josh said:

    i agree with the watching the calories part, but do some cardio things and switch up your routines also. Like for instance, dont run the same speed the whole time (if running is your choice of cardio), switch up the speeds that you run while you’re doing it and keep your body guessing at the routine and that’s the key to seeing your success come out…hope i helped you 🙂

  4. peter e said:

    hi, go on fitness training with that you will ok


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