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I need a step by step guide to lose weight fast?

I need a guide, or a step by step program, like a meal planner or exercise program or site that can help me lose weight fast. Im 20 and 245.

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3 Responses to “I need a step by step guide to lose weight fast?”

  1. Laura J said :

    Learn about low glycemic eating.

    message me for Harvard Food Pyramid and the 10 simple rules for low glycemic eating.

  2. russ c said :

    Eat more fruits and vegetables. They’re loaded with vitamins and minerals and also low in calorie density.

  3. sushi said :

    hi there. well, it would help to stop being along for the ride, and actually go to places by walking there. walking is the easiest exercise. it will spark up you metabolism, so you;ll burn much more calories, because when you’re overweight, you burn much more than someone who isnt. walk one hour a day, and you’ll loose 4 pounds a week guaranteed.


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