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I have a month to lose as much fat as I can.?

I need to lose as much fat as possible in a month. I have a weight machine, it’s ok if I build muscle I just need to lose fat. What is the quickest way to lose fat and gain muscle within a month? I’ve got a lot of fat to lose. My cousin is a fitness freak and he said since I am overweight if I start off good it should be easy for me to lose weight fast.

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12 Responses to “I have a month to lose as much fat as I can.?”

  1. rosanamod said :

    water and exercise

  2. evasive_eyes said :

    Healthy is 2 lbs a week

  3. dawn i said :

    Hire a personal trainer and a nutritionist. It is always best to have personal encouragement instead of wingin’ it yourself.

  4. tansyangeni said :

    do alot of running, biking. Also drink water.. cut sugar, pasta, bread.. best i can tell you. don’t stop eating though.. just smaller portions.

  5. Sh0rt1stuff said :

    well its important to find a diet that fits you best. south beach diet works well and makes sense too.

    hope i helped. good luck!

  6. Paulan said :

    Well if you want to lose fat, I suggest that you should drink lots and lots of water and green leafy vegetables of your choice this will make you feel full and will help you to drop appetite and inturn, you’ll not only lose weight but also your complexion and your skin would be benifited a lot. I also recommend yoga, aerobics or any exercise you’re comfortable with.

  7. clayladyinred said :

    A simple equation. Burn lots of calories. Eat low fat foods. Low calorie foods. Go sign up at a free site called Sparkpeople. It will be a great help to you! It’s all about losing weight and reaching your goals! And yes, it really is completely free!

  8. YahooGirl said :

    find out what your calorie intake should be based on your normal activity. then consume those calories while exercising. the more you consume, the more exercise you need. walk at least every other day and cut out bread, potatoes and any starches out of your diet. Drink lots of water. Any other drink are empty calories your body doesn’t need.

    Good Luck!

  9. Ginkgo said :

    First it is not totally your fault that you are overweight since our society’s way of eating, that is making people fat, is a pandemic (epidemic) that is getting worse. Atlantic Monthly magazine says that it has just become the #1 health problem in the world replacing hunger and infectious disease.

    So you need to take the time to read everything on the site below under “exercise” and “diet” to re-learn everything over again. Do this and you can become thin. Do this not and you will still have what you have now.

    You will learn about fastest ways to lose weight (enemas and fasting), how to flatten your belly before an event (losing 5 to 20 pounds) and slower ways to lose bodyfat, retained water and a 3rd thing. Pick what is most appropriate for you.

  10. Dale S said :

    Best answer on this question. In the cereal isles…find the one called Fiber One. Pour a small bowl, put on it some sugar, honey, bananas, some thing you like. Eat some thoughout day for a small hand ful snack. Think about, increase this type of fiber intake. It soaks up extra fliuds and pushes out extra solids just sitting in you digestive tract. Then half your restuarant portions. Drink you last water at 2-3 hours before bed. Last small snack 3 hours before bed. water at bedside to wet your mouth.

  11. honey said :

    this is my programme im on and its worked really fast and i didnt need to starve myself

  12. upd said :

    try swimming and yoga.


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