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I can’t get health insurance now can i?

I have already seen a doctor about a problem but it hasn’t officially been diagnosed. I have a hospital appointment next month to see a specialist. on health insurance websites it says diagnosed problems (which i haven’t got) but im sure i cant get the health insurance now ive seen a doctor. did that make sense?

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9 Responses to “I can’t get health insurance now can i?”

  1. dkav said :

    If you get a job where health insurance is offered then why wouldn’t you be able to get it? It might be hard to get it when you have a pre existing condition and you are paying it for yourself….

  2. heyteach said :

    You can get health insurance BUT whatever you sought treatment for (which starts with diagnosis) will NOT be covered for some time period. Depending on what you have, you may be uninsurable. Hopefully it’s nothing serious. Good luck.

  3. sparkey said :

    you will probably find that if they get even the slightest hint of an ailment they will not pay out
    there was a case like this on tv recently

  4. bobsagetfosho said :

    A lot of insurances won’t cover “pre-existing conditions” and the insurance companies are really picky about what they consider a pre-existing condition. All you can do is try and hope.

  5. MJL613 said :

    It depends on what your condition is. If it is pregnancy or cancer, you can get medicaid. You really need to speak with an insurance agent and/or your doctor’s office.

  6. EyeSpy said :

    Individual health policies don’t cover pre-existing conditions. A pre-existing condition is not defined by whether you have been diagnosed or not. A pre-existing condition is one that already exists regardless of diagnosis. Understand what insurance companies do… they cover unknown risks. If you already have a condition it is “known” even though a doctor hasn’t put a “label” on it yet.

    Your only chance a coverage is by going to work for an employer that offers a group health plan… pre-existing conditions are covered on a group plan.

  7. lilmissdisorganised said :

    All i can say is be completely honest with them. My husand had high blood pressure and they sent him for a medical at their expense before they would cover him. They may offer you insurance but refuse to cover any existing illnesses.

  8. lahights said :

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  9. aires69uk said :

    You may well be able to get health insurance, but it just won’t cover the existing condition you have, or any illness that occurs that relates to or has been caused by your existing condition.


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