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I bought chinese medicine to fight the flushing in my cheeks in the winter. Is it safe and is it a con?

The people who work there recommended it to me, and she appeared to have no redness whatsoever. I think I have Keratosis Pilaris, but I just want the redness to go down. Many thanks for any answers I receive. Is this a con, or will it work? I have to take 20 PILLS in the morning and 20 at night, and also put some cream on.

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10 Responses to “I bought chinese medicine to fight the flushing in my cheeks in the winter. Is it safe and is it a con?”

  1. Tony M said :

    complete con

  2. fabrutus said :

    A con. Like all alternative medicine. If it works, it ‘aint alternative, if it don’t, it ‘aint medicine!

  3. ducatigirlsam said :

    I think you should have thought about asking that before you actually bought it hun! Seriously though, some Chinese herbal remedies are supposed to work, but I think sometimes they just act like a placebo effect! However, 40 pills plus cream a day does sound totally excessive and I think if you have to take that many things, then it sounds like a bit of a con! Do you really want to be taking that many tablets all winter?

  4. dave w said :

    in 1900 the average life expectancy in China was 30 – so their ancient medicines must be pretty sh1t

  5. jackie_jabar said :

    That sounds like way too many pills to take. As far as the product being safe you would have to know what is in the product. Some of the herbs and supplements that are sold today can cause you to have health problems. Check out the website for this product and see what it contains.

  6. M8729 said :

    40 PILLS A DAY? you’ve been bamboozled

  7. Mourning Peanut said :

    I go to a chinese herbalist for IBS and allergies- it has changed my life! I have to take a lot of pills as well but I’ve never felt or looked better in my life. If you’ve already bought the herbs and cream- try it out for a while. Photograph yourself to keep track of your progress. Best of luck!

  8. joelyboy said :

    This is a complete con matie! I suggest that you go and speak to your GP and mention that this is causing you significant concern. He/She will only be too happy to help and look at prescribing appropriate treatments. You could be putting yourself at considerable danger by taking quack medications.

  9. Francoise said :

    Chinese medicine ( especially acupunture ) really works. The problem is : in western world can you really tell if a so-called Chinese herbalist is genuine or a con ? There are many people who had never been trained but act as familiar with Chinese herbal medicine and even prescript to any patients. On the other hand , there are really some who attended the universities in China and learn about herbal healing.
    It’s hard to tell but if your pills are made purely of herbs, not the western one made in a lab, it could be that you have to take 40 a day to take effect.
    People don’t understand Chinese medicine will think it’s scary to take 40 pills a day but I’d seen 2 examples of people using Chinese medicine.
    First one was a Russian guy, I met him years ago when I lived and worked in Hammersmith. He was a bald head and this made him very upset cause he’s only 25 years old. He saw an ad about acupunture which could cure hair loss, he tried a few sessions, ( very expensive indeed, £25 per session of 30 minutes in 1997 ) but after a few sessions, his hair started to grow. I haven’t seen him for a few year now but the last time I saw him half of his skull was covered with hair.
    The second one was a friend of me who fell down from the stair at his 2 floor house. He dislocated his shoulder and was in great pain. He went to accident &emergency, they prescripted some ointment for him and told him no casting was needed as it wasn’t broken. 10 days later he was still in pain. One day he passed by a Chinese herbalist shop and out of curiosity he went in, and ended up bringing home 3 bags of herbal medicines and pills and cream stuffs. He paid £40 at the time (2004), he took the medicine as instructed, 2 days later all pain gone and he’s back at work.
    So you see Chinese medicine really works but it depends on your luck if you meet a real herbalist or a con.

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