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I am around 110kg how do I lose weight fast?

I have been road running every other day for the past 3 weeks now and really enjoying it. It seems that I cannot shift my belly and my moobs.

Any ideas?

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4 Responses to “I am around 110kg how do I lose weight fast?”

  1. Ayman al Zawahiri said :

    just go to a gym. work out. walking is better then running. sit ups. push ups

  2. Bell said :

    Hey mate, good to know you do a bit of running…. you should also try and aim for sit ups or something close to it… after doing situps for a while you then start to see the decrease in your belly. It should slowly go down or you can try…. dips with a gym ball against the wall or lunges etc etc.

  3. footballdude said :

    I been down that road man. Lift weights especially the incline bench press. It tightens up the upper chest so it pulls everything up. The more weights you lift the muscle you gain and the more muscle you have the more calories you burn at rest (I noticed you used kg instead of pounds). .453592 kg burns about 63 kilojoules or 15 calories at rest. Also cut down on bad foods and eat more fruits and vegetables. If your tall like me, you won’t look that fat.

  4. pege said :

    ok first of
    Before eating drink a glass of water a big glass
    and during you meal eat some leatuce and dont eat that much meat try eating vegitibles
    and go for a walk go to a gym and start walking and then run once you are in shape

  5. Best Ab Workout said :

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