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How would I go about buying and running my own sweet shop?

I know this sounds really cheesy, but I’ve wanted my own sweet shop ever since I was a kid. How could I do this? How much money would I need approx? I don’t know anything about running a business so any help would be appreciated!
Thank you to the people who have answered sensibly. I want a sweet shop as in sellling sweets, chocolate etc NOT a sweat shop!!!

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14 Responses to “How would I go about buying and running my own sweet shop?”

  1. Da Fresh Xpress said :

    sweat shop?

  2. Canadian Guy said :

    You are looking at a lease of approx $3500/month + utilities for approx 200sq footage or $500K property. Not to mention inventory, wages, taxes, insurance, and so much more.

    My guess:

    Start-Up: $500 K

    Recurring: $5000/month

    Now if you are reffering to a “sweat shop” then your costs goes down to $0 except if a human rights organization discovers you.

  3. Obi137 said :

    well first you need lots of under aged, non-english speaking workers….no, wait a minuite

    my wife says thats a “SWEAT SHOP”

    never mind

  4. :-) said :

    no, not cheesy at all! it all depends what kind of building you want. you’ll have a better buisness if you homemake some of your treats.

    actually, good idea. good luck!

  5. sues said :

    first chose your location
    negociate rent
    register with your local council for buisness rates
    fit out the shop
    and then get stock and weighing machines
    open your shop
    good luck

  6. Dr. Brisbane said :

    I cannot believe you want to buy and run a sweat shop. That’s horrible.

  7. jade said :

    rent a building get 500,000 dollars and buy alot of candy

  8. ascoile said :

    You rent a shop.
    You contact sweet wholesalers and buy stocks
    You sell

    If you just sell the bars of chocolate that supermarkets and other shops sell you might struggle to compete. Better to sell sweets out of jars that people used to buy years ago. There is a big market for nostalgia.

    You want more advice and ideas it’s gonna cost you!!

  9. davej said :

    Start by having a market stall and personal door to door sales and develop a customer base. You can test the market that way without a substantial financial outlay.

  10. Rebecca said :

    hi, try these two links for info about running sweet shops, one is a business plan for a sweet shop, it costs £30 but might be worth it
    also have you thought about doing a short course in business planning? that way you could cover all the basics before you jump in at the deep end and you’d have the support of a tutor.
    if you are serious about starting your own business make sure you do lots of research. these links should help you with general business stuff:
    good luck with your venture x

  11. asshole said :

    first sweet shop abuse second if you run one your crazy

  12. Rejected By All said :

    first ;don’t eat the sweets

    second; install camera’s, alot of people shoplift from my local shop

  13. J J said :

    Try Daltons Weekly

  14. [email protected] said :

    if you`ve had said a small coffee shop/food I would be interested……… to be made on that!!


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