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How will Nuclear Medicine careers in the future look?

I was planning to go into Nuclear Medicine but the medical director the school I planned to go to said that Nuclear Medicine might not be the best thing now. Sure pay is great but job held over the years were small. They might put nuclear medicine in the hands of say, medical assistants or sonographers to do it.

Would anyone know if Nuclear Medicine would be a good choice for plenty of jobs after i graduate in around 3 year? What do you think about radiology?

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2 Responses to “How will Nuclear Medicine careers in the future look?”

  1. izzy said :

    It looks fascinating. Stick with whatever you want to do. No training is wasted.
    From an old UK BMJ…

    But your medical director could have a point (the BMJ was from 2004 I think)

  2. Lacy Buis said :

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