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How will I get fit in about four months?

I have done nothing for about three years now expect a little walking but I really want to get out of this rut and start having more energy and be fit

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20 Responses to “How will I get fit in about four months?”

  1. deepadot said :

    join a gym

  2. johncondo2001 said :

    get on line a fine routine

  3. iluvhipos said :

    diet and exercise

  4. babysisterchrissy said :

    you will see great results in 4 months! The hardest part is the first 6 weeks, then it will be a routine and easy for you! good luck!

  5. rosary said :

    get a trainer they will know how to help you specificly toward your needs

  6. Dips said :

    Good food, swimming, jogging, biking or any sport that you love to play. Fix time and stick to your food and excercise regime..Bingo you get what you want.

  7. Akfek_Branford said :

    Walk/jog/run 3.5 miles every day for the next four months. Do it as fast as you can and still finish the 3.5 miles.

    You’ll see a world of improvement. Also, gain control of your diet. that does you a world of good as well.

  8. The rocket said :

    make a schedule for your day

    i mean run and swim and walk

    exercise and reduce your eat

    keep three meals but reduce the amount ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  9. nice try said :

    Four months will give you time to get in shape. I’ve lost a lot of weight in the past few months by walking and eating right. I don’t just walk, I power walk for an hour and love it!

  10. dana82 said :

    well my “normal” size is a 9 or 7 if im lucky….about 2 years ago my bestfriend died. i ate and did nothing for 2 years….then i got tired of being unhappy(35 lbs overweight) so i started swimming, riding a bike and obviously stopped snacking at night-no soda-ate healthy(no McDonalds)LOL it worked–im back to my normal size and feel great’

  11. ash#0 said :

    eat healthy and go to the gym.

  12. Kelly said :
  13. diamondk said :

    Hey, without knowing if you have any health problems, and knowing your present physical condition, I can only recommend joining a fitness center and work with a Professional Fitness Trainer.

  14. not_gullible said :

    It’s possible to see some great results in only four months but why limit yourself? What happens at the four month mark? Will you quit training, especially if you’re not at ‘peak’ condition?

    Why not look at fitness and health as a lifestyle rather than such a small block of time. This is precisely why dieting doesn’t work- people set a short-term goal and once that goal is met, or not, (i.e. to lose X amount of pounds) they revert again to their old ways and gain the weight right back.
    Is it possible, since you’ve not trained in over three years, that you’ve approached your health in a similar way before? Why not just set a goal to take care of yourself everyday, year in and year out, and let the results take care of themselves?

  15. kacey said :

    Two things: excercise and a good diet! Don’t go on a dramatic diet, since you’ll be excercising and will need those calories and nutrients. Just eat less take-out, and add some fresh fruit and veggies to your life. Keep apples around the kitchen, for instance. Be sure to get enough protein, because you’ll need it for building muscle. If you want to get more energy and maybe tone up a bit, focus your excercise on cardio. Don’t overdo it in the beginning, or you’ll wear yourself out and get discouraged. What type of cardio you do depends on your lifestyle and what you enjoy. You can do anything from dance aerobics to jogging to kickboxing to swimming. When you do your cardio, be sure that you’re working hard enough that you’re breathing hard–but NOT panting so hard that you can’t talk. Aim to do some cardio every day, but a good place to start is 30 minutes 3 days a week. Work up to 30 minutes 5 days a week, then start lengthening your workout sessions.
    If you want to tone up, cardio will help that. However, doing some light weightlifting is also important. If you have access to a gym (the YMCA is great, if you don’t already have a membership anywhere–or Curves is also great for women), weight machines are a natural choice. Use light weights with more repetitions rather than heavier weights with fewer repetitions to tone instead of building bulk. You can also use free weights, but those are harder to set up a routine with if you don’t have a trainer. Don’t do weights every day, even at the peak of your training, because your muscle needs time to rest and recover or you’re likely to pull something. And remember, always warm up before you work out and cool down afterwards–you’ll be less sore the next day!
    Four months is a good goal, as long as you’re not planning to lose a whole lot of weight. But for general toning and cardio, that’s good. The hardest part can be staying motivated, so remember to reward yourself, even if it’s something little. I found these cute stickers, and I put one on my calendar every day I work out. Finding a work-out buddy helps a lot, too.
    And don’t forget to stay hydrated! Keep those water bottles full, and use them. Best of luck!

  16. yums said :

    try some great workouts and exercise routines on this site

  17. Optimism Personified said :

    Keep with the walking but do it faster, then add one minute running every day or week depending on your fitness and size. Let your body determine the intensity but you want to aim to get a bit puffed. Change the pace, duration, incline and surface you run on to maintain a continuous shock to your system and keep improving your fitness. The more you do the more you will want to do. Most of all enjoy it. Running is so much fun! xxx

  18. little.lost said :

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  19. D said :

    If your looking to run use the beginners schedule on this website

    Tips for new runners


  20. joolsyd76 said :

    I found swimming the best way of getting fit in a short amount of time and doing a simple exercise dvd at home


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