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How will health care be affected by legalizing marijuana?

Hey everyone. I need help on answering this question: How will health care access, cost, and quality be affected by the passage or defeat of a bill legalizing marijuana. The bill is AB 390, but i just need some answers on the affect of health care by legalizing marijuana or not. I’ve done some research but I need a little more. Thanks.

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3 Responses to “How will health care be affected by legalizing marijuana?”

  1. Iman said :

    VIDEO: Legalizing Marijuana: Times They Are A-Changin’ – George’s …
    25 Oct 2009 … taxing marijuana could be a way to pay for health care. … How will we legalize that? This is a bad thing for the government to throw up …

  2. jajajaja said :

    actually it will not AFFECT ANYTHING

  3. Geo said :

    It’ll probably have absolutely no effect. Marijuana is so cheap anyways, and easy enough to grow at home (certainly easier than homebrewing beer), so there’s not going to be any significant tax dollars made from legalizing and taxing it. And it’s so safe – no one ever goes to an emergency room with a marijuana overdose, so the effect of marijuana on the health care system is already minimal. Having better quality weed won’t change a thing except make it a bit more convenient for potheads like me to get high.

    Now if heroin or cocaine were legalized, that could potentially help out the health care system a lot. These drugs are extremely dangerous in overdose, and street drug purity is unknown so you might OD even if you are extremely careful and weigh out your drugs. The cost of reviving OD victims is extremely high. Also unlike weed, these drugs are highly addictive and EXPENSIVE – people give up everything including food to get more heroin, so of course they get sick and go to the hospital again and again. Having legal and clean heroin at a low regulated price rather than a black market monopolized price would alleviate many problems, both for the user and for the health care system. Too bad the government is freaking idiotic.


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