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How well does 5 HTP work to aid weight loss?

if you have tried this how well did it work?
any side effects?
How long before you noticed a difference for weight loss?
I think you will find it is an appetite suppressant as well as a serotonin increaser which aids mood and insomnia. Check out holland and barretts weight management section or wikipedia. I just wanted to know how effective it is…

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5 Responses to “How well does 5 HTP work to aid weight loss?”

  1. madroxkran said :

    5 HTP is a natural supplement for boosting your seratonin levels. It makes you feel better, but it pretty much has nothing to do with weight loss.

  2. Coryy said :

    5htp is a supplement taken to balance out mood receptors.. nothing to do with weight loss. haha

  3. girl no.2 said :

    not sure if im completely accurate, long time since i read about this but here we go: not sure if its atp or 5htp, but anyways the moral of the story is

    5htp( or atp) helps release energy from your food (i think, trying to recall), your body is set to a normal pace-it knows when and how much energy to release at the right stages.

    it is a controlled release of energy, if you disrupt that controled release

    sometimes if you increase the speed of release or the holes in your stomach that absorb food are too wide, absorbing too fast etc., it can bring on mental health issues (there is supposed to be a link between the stomach absorption speed with schizophernia (if stomach absorbs too quickly), i read it in a nutritional book one time – cant remember where)

    read patrick holfords, optimum nutrition for the mind, he has other things

  4. Susan Yarrawonga said :

    5 HTP is taken mainly for better sleep but apparently it also helps with weight loss to a limited extent.

    You can find further information in a web search for “5 htp” + “weight loss”.

  5. timefreedom_4u said :

    It has nothing to do with weight loss unfortunatley…but if your trying to loose weight…I believe in order to acheive a great level of success in doing a cleanse…Think of all the bad stuff we have in our could be hold 10lbs of waste inside that causes weight on our bodies. I lost 18lbs in 10 days from a cleanse…I did this first because I believe you have to get all the bad out first before I can start eating good and working out…By doing this…you are getting the toxins out of your system…Your RE SETTING your metabolism if its slow…all the cravings etc..if you had any like I did…comes out from your system…there is so much more by doing a simple cleanse…. trust me…I lost alot in result of it…then working out and eating right…after the 10 day can read more and see more at


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