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How too lose weight quickly? 10PointsForBestAnswer?

Hi, Im 12, and I weight about 50kg [8 stone 4] and Im about 5’4, I really want to lose weight quickly! How can I lose those pounds quick enough in time for summer?
Any suggestions would be really helpful

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5 Responses to “How too lose weight quickly? 10PointsForBestAnswer?”

  1. James B said :

    Cut off a leg.

  2. Ron said :

    i would say jog and try to be active on a sport. thats what i do because i dont go to the gym.

  3. Casey said :

    Well if you are twelve you must not go on a strict diet. Diet’s can be hard on kids and you could get sick. My suggestion would be eat healthy foods on a regular basis. Don’t eat as much sweets. Even though they are good every once and a while, they are not to be eaten regularly. Also, if you really think you are over-weight talk to your parents and they can help you find a doctor that might be of service. If going to a doctor isn’t what you want to do, then simply try and work out everyday for at least 30 minutes of hard exercise

  4. Katie said :

    you are a perfect weight for you age, but if you really want to loose weight and become more toned heres how:
    – every so often get down and do sit ups/push ups
    just do it when you think about summer, loosing weight or just whenever it pops into your head. the more you think about it, them more often you will do this, and you will be more motivated! also, drink lots of water and stay away from chunky meat, carbs and sodas. also, if you have a dog that you walk, dont just walk, run! frequent and consistent exercises is a key component.

  5. Lydia said :

    50kg is 7 stone 8, not 8 stone 4. Your BMI is on the border of being underweight so you shouldn’t lose any. I you want to look better you should tone up with excersize instead.


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