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How to you make your fingers slimmer?

I have chubby fingers. It’s gotten to be embarrassing (I wanted to borrow a friend’s ring, it didn’t fit on my pinkie so I gave it back, and she insisted on me wearing it, and kept trying to get it on and then it broke). How can you make your fingers slimmer?

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8 Responses to “How to you make your fingers slimmer?”

  1. Ki@na said :

    stop eating till you almost die then start again.

  2. Stephanie said :

    Consume less salt.
    It cause you to bloat.

  3. Tristen. S said :

    I honestly dont think you can

  4. Mum Mum said :

    Loose 5 kilos !

  5. cokecolossus said :

    Just by losing weight in general. There is no way to make just your fingers slimmer unfortunately, but you can make them more dexterous by playing the piano and typing alot. Good luck!

  6. Scarlet said :

    hmm if they are the fat sauasage fingers you might wanna lose some weight, or maybe they are just thick as in more muscle tissue, don’t think theres anything you could do about that.

  7. reina said :

    I am not saying that you are overweight because I don’t know you. I am just sharing my experience but I have been losing weight for my wedding and I had to get my engagement ring taken in because it was loose. I also noticed that I eat a lot of salt and that will make my fingers swell.

  8. hnnhlh14 said :

    Finger exercises! Flex, extend, flex, now stretch. Hold, repeat. Just kidding. I don’t know if that would work. It sounds like it would not. haha

    I suggest consuming less salt, as someone else noted, it makes you bloat. Also overall weight loss could help. If you want to make your fingers stronger, check this tool out:
    I use it to strengthen my fingers for guitar, as well as some friends of mine use it to strengthen fingers for rock climbing, etc.


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