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How to you lose weight fast with out it coasting money?

Ok well i am not that old and i am not fat and not slim either and its is around the holidays and i really want to lose at least 20 pounds REALLY FAST! thank you every thing helps!

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9 Responses to “How to you lose weight fast with out it coasting money?”

  1. puppyfred said :

    don’t eat anything, genius.

  2. M.F.R. said :

    Eat Once a day and exercise at least 3hrs a day

  3. trisha32 said :

    Well how fast? Like 3 -5 days or longer?
    When I wanted to lose weight real fast I ate 3 meals a day
    consisting of 1 hotdog weiner, 1 hardboiled egg, 1 bannana, 1 tbsp peanut butter ,water to drink mostly for drinks for 3-4 days. It is like a mini atkins diet, but you cant eat anthing but this stuff and by day 3 you will be sick to death of it but its how I always dropped 10lbs real quick.

  4. prettyboy said :

    dont eat that much food,exercise daily,eat healty food.hope that helped.

  5. tamlovinlife2 said :

    Although I personally don’t agree, low to no carb will get the weight off FAST. My husband lost 75 pounds in just 3 and a half months without exercise. Which is NOT healthy, but he is in the Coast Guard and was 75 pounds over his weight, and had to get it off fast, it did work! Good luck to you.

  6. L.K. said :

    eat less exercise more

    but you must eat healthy. follow the food pyramid. i.e. instead of eating a 16 oz steak go for the 12 oz steak and drink lots of water, not diet soda, which will cleanse you out better.

  7. redneckshorty84 said :

    Mayo Clinic Diet-

    2 pieces of bacon
    2 eggs
    4 oz grapefruit juice
    Eat until you are full

    grapefruit juice
    Eat until you are full- you can have any salad dressing

    Grapefruit Juice
    You can’t have white onions, you can eat brocolli, peas, carrotts

    Always eat until you are full, only 12 days on, 2 days off. You dont lose the first day, but after you lose. I’m on it now and its working pretty damn good!!! Hope this helps ya

  8. Muffin Princess said :

    Skip dinner, seriously! no joke. it worked over the summer all i ate was breakfast and lunch (around 3:00 pm) and after that i wouldn’t eat. Other than that you can always run a couple of miles a day… but that won’t get you results so quickly.

  9. florafall said :

    Have your goal be 20 lb. but if you don’t go that low don’t sweat it. It’s not worth starving over.

    I’ve lost 5-10 lbs. pretty quickly on Slim Fast. You can also try eating a little bit at a time all day; no big meals, trying to stay low carbs. Walk everywhere you can; take stairs. Don’t drink ANY alcohol; try to drink all water. And most importantly keep a healthy mindset.


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