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How to stop losing weight off my bum?

I’m only a size 6 in pants, but im NOT dieting at all. I seem to be losing weight off my bum and really dont want that, as its one of my best features. what can i do? is it exercising thats affecting it?because i tend to workout a fair bit but not on that area.

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4 Responses to “How to stop losing weight off my bum?”

  1. ALA K said :

    you should exercise the specific area.there are some great and easy exercises than can keep your but in great shape.try u-fight,bicycle,stepper or even more easy.

  2. baltimore said :

    I am small and i mix ensure with a milkshake to put a little weight on. just 1 right before bed, it doesn’t mess up your metabolism or make you put on a lot of weight just some and it tastes good too.

  3. said :

    track your results at

    good luck!

  4. *Ms. V.B * said :

    I would suggest building muscle in that area.
    Look up exercises for toning or muscle building for the bum it will also work out you upper thighs.

    Eat proper amounts of protein and drink milk.
    You can check out for exercises.
    Good luck!


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