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How to quickly loose weight?

I need to loose 10 pounds in two weeks, which diet is the best for this

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6 Responses to “How to quickly loose weight?”

  1. peter m said :

    green tea, no sweetener.
    small meals.
    lots of high cardio exercise.
    no booze, no processed sugars, low carbs.

  2. _ said :

    I lost 9 pounds in 2 weeks on Phase 1 of the South Beach diet.

  3. ritualistic_popcorn said :

    There is no easy way to lose weight. The best way is to not starve yourself. I don’t think diets work or diet pills.

    Things that can make it easier to deal with?:
    Try eliminating bad snacks(potato chips and anything with corn syrup, or hydrogenated stuffs) from your reach,(have a friend guard them for you or put a list or post-it with a note from yourself on what you are doing, they are a must snack to keep you from a binge or eating the whole pack because you deprived yourself)
    Drinking lots of water, eat more filling veggies since feeling hungry is no fun! (cauliflower and broccli or squash is good!)
    Have tons of fruits available for sweet tooths.

    Alright best easiest way to lose weight fast is to some quick 10 minute exercises before each main meal, eat more than 3 times a day, never feel hungry and never stuffed, take vitamins, drink a gallon of water a day and it might taste bad but you can drink tablespoon of apple vinegar for each glass of water(a tasty tea with a table spoon of apple vinegar is tasty). That helps reduce water weight. Don’t eat any carbohydrates after 5 -8 pm, and get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep each night.

    Drink a glass of water and put a bite food in your mouth the moment you wake up, and do a quick 10 minute workout then eat breakfast. Run up and down the stairs once during your lunch break before lunch. Before dinner go for a jog or run up some stairs or somthing.

    ***Avoid caffiene as much as possible!!! It prevents your body from using its own energy reserves and may slow metabolism. Get plenty of sleep. Not eating and feeling hungry can also slow metabolism. Alkaline foods help quite a bit in choosing veggies and fruits to eat while losing weight. Check this website:

    You lose weight quickly for couple weeks and it will slow down and steady afterwards.

    Its the hollidays, its no time to worry about weight, but I hope you are still able to enjoy the tasty season!

  4. Lugina, Mark the Spot said :

    Exercise every day for one hour. Cardiovascular exercise is the best. Focus on liquids and carbohydrates (light on the bread, eat your greens). Some proteins are important daily but don’t over do it. Stay away from meats and get you protein from beans, nuts, eggs, yogurt, milk, etc.. instead.

  5. juli o said :
  6. Lamps said :

    You WANT to loose 10 pounds, but I’m sure that you DON’T need it. However the best diet that you can follow is to ingest little calories and to spend more…


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