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How to make my son lose weight fast with no exercise,diets and nothing?

My son weighs 57.5 kg and he is 5 feet. How many kilograms do you think he should be to be thin?Thanks!

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4 Responses to “How to make my son lose weight fast with no exercise,diets and nothing?”

  1. Rudy M said :

    It is possible to lose weight quickly but you should be realistic and accept that if you lose weight fast then you will probably put it all back on again just as fast. The one method which definitely worked for me was wu-yi tea, it can be viewed in the resource box below, they have a handful of free trials in stock, it was featured in Reader’s Digest and CNN. I shed thrity pounds, it definitely does produce success!

  2. nicholasdraganoff said :

    You don’t have to put him on a diet. Just give him healthy food like fruit and veges. Make a nice tasty vegetable stew or something.

    You don’t have to make him exercise but, if he plays computer games make him go outside and play some outdoor games in the sun.

    If you do this he should be at least healthy.

  3. jamman said :

    Well loosing weight without exercise and diets is impossible. Sign him for a gym, usually the sports specific gyms have trainers who specialise in training children who will help him to train safely. As for diet goes, you are the one feeding him, so perhaps feeding him less junk will help. I worked with kids for years as a sports conditioning specialist, and nothing is more motivating to a kid then watching there parents do something. Putting just your son and no one else on a diet would be unfair, especially since 99% of the population has weight to loose anyways. So I suggest the whole family joins a gym, changes there eating habits, and gets fit. One other thing, lifting weights will not stunt growth. I am taller then both of my parents (6’3) and I started lifting weights heavy (not recommended) at 11. I suggest some light weight lifting, somewhere in the 15-20 rep range until he is 14, and body weight exercises. Your local gym should have all the tools you need.

  4. chica said :

    He is on the borderline of normal-overweight.
    It’s impossible to lose weight without diet and exercise.


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