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How to make a healthy comeback from an eating disorder?

So, I’ve been dealing with an eating disorder on and off over the past year. I’m 5’10 and I’ve dropped from 190 to 145 and wouldn’t mind losing another 5 pounds, but overall am fairly happy with my weight. My eating disorder has consisted of basically, anywhere from 500-1,500 calories per day some days in one sitting sometimes in several. Exercising about 3-4 days per week burning about 300 calories per workout with both cardio and weight lifting. Now, I would like to adopt a healthier diet, but would like to do so without gaining back any weight. Any advice on doing this would be great as I realize my recent diet has not been very healthy.

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3 Responses to “How to make a healthy comeback from an eating disorder?”

  1. ensinshiro said :

    eat cake. and people. Human Flesh cures all.

  2. puppyeyes19 said :

    It is great that you want to change your unhealthy eating habits to healthy ones!

    What works great is eating small meals frequently throughout the day. Bring an apple along with you if you’re going out, or maybe a veggie of your choice. Some fruits are high in sugar and arent that beneficial if you find yourself eating too much of them-ex. grapes and strawberries. Eating frequently keeps your metabolism up and running, helping you burn off the things you eat.

    For regular meals, stick to smaller portions and pick foods high in protein–egg whites, turkey, chicken, fish, etc. Have a salad, just stay light on the dressing and add some sort of meat to it. Try a turkey burger, they taste amazing.

    Just remember to keep meals small and frequent, and as long as you dont give up on the exercising, the weight shouldnt creep back up.

    Good luck!

  3. Adam N said :

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