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How to make a career out of Nutrition and Fitness?

I would like to make more of a career out of Nutrition and Fitness, but am unsure of a good path. I would like formal training/certification, but not necessarily a 4-year degree since I’m in my late 20s and work full time now.

If I become a nutritionist, I don’t focus as much on fitness. If I become a personal trainer/instructor, I don’t get the training in proper diet. Any suggestions on what career or certification would be a good mix of nutrition and fitness?

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One Response to “How to make a career out of Nutrition and Fitness?”

  1. Flizbap said :

    As far as I know, neither Nutritionist nor personal trainer are protected terms, so all you need to do is make up business cards and you are in business.

    However to be at the top of the heap, becoming a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist should be your ultimate goal.


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