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How to lose weight without being anorexic?

I want to lose at least 5 or 10 lbs in 2 weeks. im 11 years old, weigh 94 lbs, and am 5 ft. But if i lose that weight will i be labled as an anorexic? Does any1 have any good diet tips?

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7 Responses to “How to lose weight without being anorexic?”

  1. Victoire Weasley said :

    Don’t focus so much on weight; focus on toning, so in addition to 60 minutes of cardio a day:

    I do ab circuits multiple times daily.
    *100 crunches
    *50 bicycle crunches
    *25 leg lifts
    *balance your weight on your right elbow (20 seconds)
    *balance your weight on your left elbow (20 seconds)
    *20 push-ups

    Tip: always keep your abs tight (even when sitting or walking)

    Diet: eat foods low in sodium to counteract bloating of the stomach; eat healthy food all around

    For arms, legs, etc. I use resistance bands, weights, and do squats and lunges.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  2. Gio P said :

    Your only 11, maybe you should talk to a doctor about it and i do not recommend 10 pounds in 2 weeks. It is not healthy at all, just eat smaller portions and exercise. Your goal should be maximum 2 lbs per week, nothing more. You will gain weight back if you expect more.

  3. Blondie said :

    You are underweight already, so you do not need to lose weight. And if you lose weight then yeah you could be labeled as anorexic because 84 and five feet tall is way too skinny. So please don’t do that. You are skinny already.

  4. daisy said :

    You are still young, I wouldn’t try drastic diets, at 11. If you think you want to lose a little weight, just eat healthier food, and exercise more. Plus, look at your body….your weight might be higher than your friends, but you just might have more muscle and muscle weighs more than fat does. Plus. don’t try to look like those tiny celeb models. They are unrealistic ways your body is supposed to look. Plus if you think you might be a little heavier, you might still grow more. And your body will even out as you grow. When I was your age, I was about that height, and weighed about the same. I was heavly involved in cheerleading and karate and just very muscular, and taller than most of my friends.

  5. bhstrack said :

    hey hun! You are at a wonderful weight for your height and age. Please try to understand that your stomach probably doesnt “flop” the way you see it. When I was your age (im 18 now) I began struggling with food, weight, and body image. I still struggle today and I have been in recovery from anorexia and bulimia for the last 15 months. I was 5’8″ , 110 lbs, and a ballet dancer. Ballet caused me to focus on my body a whole lot and I ended up having to stop because I became very ill. Over the last 5 years I have been up and down; I’ve been on a physical and emotional roller coaster. I would not wish the pain, and struggling I’ve created and it has caused so much pain to my family.

    I was looking for the fast and easy way and while I may have found it, it was not a healthy choice at all. I still struggle with food and body image. Not a minute in the day goes by when the thought of food or what I see when I look in the mirror does not enter my mind.

    Please do not fall into this trap because once you start it sucks you in and you lose all sense of reality. Everything changes because you become completely obsorbed and believe that what everyone tells you regarding your body isa lie.

    If you want to check your BMI (Body Mass Index) go to this website and be honest.

  6. carla b said :

    Sweety.. you are not over weight. But if you wish to diet and maintain a good body. Try the Mediterran diet. It is filled with good ideas and suggestions, olive oil is a plus when dieting if used in moderation. I am currently using it now. and the results are great.

  7. Marie K said :

    20 Easy Tips to Help You Lose Weight

    1. Include two fruits or vegetables in every meal or snack. You’ll feel fuller and cut back on calories from other foods.
    2. Eat breakfast. You’ll be less likely to overeat later in the day.
    3. Snack every 4 hours (try oranges, apples, pretzels, string cheese).
    4. Eat at regular intervals.
    5. Know your portions: 1/2 cup of rice is the size of your fist, an ounce of cheese is a large marble; a 3-ounce serving of meat is a deck of cards. Divide your plate: 3/4 with vegetables, grains, beans and fruit; 1/4 with extra-lean meat or low-fat dairy products.
    6. Make room for cravings. Have a cookie now and then; just drop something else that day.
    7. Drink water — a glass every one to two hours will keep you full.
    8. Eat slowly.
    9. Cut 100 calories a day (replace that candy bar with an orange and banana) and lose a pound a month.
    More tips on
    Good luck!


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