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How to lose weight when traveling?

I just started working with my boyfriend this summer. He’s a truck driver for a moving company and I’m going with him to do the paper work. Anyways, I have lost weight and want to lose more. But the problem is that I’m in a truck a lot, only foods that I can eat are soup or whatever comes in a can. I know its not healthy. What other foods could I eat that I can warm up in the microwave? Oh yeah I’m a vegetarian too, So It makes it more harder. I try not to eat fast food, but sometimes I have no choice. So if you have any suggestions on foods and snacks that would be reat.

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2 Responses to “How to lose weight when traveling?”

  1. toastygoblin said :

    Spaghetti’ O’s (It may seem childish) but just read the labelI It has a full serving of veggies, and Grains, and Is ready In 3 minutes.

  2. St L said :

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