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How to lose weight when fat content is low?

Hi, I’m a competitive XC runner and have quite a low body fat content (about 10%). However, my coach has told me to lose weight so that i can go faster. Any recommendations to lose weight? Or any ideas on how to drop muscle mass?

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3 Responses to “How to lose weight when fat content is low?”

  1. Adam W said :

    10% won’t have a negative effect on your times. Your coach should know this. Keep conditioning hard, and working the program your coach gives you. Your body will find an equilibrium between caloric intake and output, and this will be the healthiest, most effective weight for you to race/train at.

    As for losing muscle mass, why? You need the muscle mass! Your legs aren’t all that are running, your upper body and core are providing stabilization and balance. If your legs are strong, but your core and arms are weak, you won’t get the full benefit of your speed.

    Focus on your training, and your weight will find its way to where it belongs.

    EDIT: You didn’t mention whether or not you are a guy or girl, this matters when talking about body fat %. A healthy percentage for a guy is 7%, while it is 12% for a girl (this is based on the lower limits allowed for wrestlers, where unsafe weight loss is often a problem). At 10%, you are probably good to go regardless of gender.

  2. kiwi said :

    There’s no point losing muscle mass, so I don’t know why your coach is telling you to do so. Perhaps you should talk to him…

  3. asiatica_one said :

    Hi There,
    If your goal is to run faster, I’m not sure how that is in relation to you losing weight. The fastest runners are not the skinniest and the skinniest are not the fastest. Maybe your coach can give you better advice on how to become faster and common sense tells me it’s not by losing muscle mass, on the contrary.
    All the best.


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