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how to lose weight really fast (quickly, to be correct)?

not going to go into detail about my body and all, but how can i lose weight quickly? i dont really need it to be the healthiest solution, but an effective one.
well im 13, 5’2″ and 140 pounds. I do need to eat healthier but i usually dont really eat that much anyway, most of the time only dinner….
closer to 14 really…but… i realize that sounds childish.

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8 Responses to “how to lose weight really fast (quickly, to be correct)?”

  1. biatch said :

    burn more calories than you consume

    so eat healthy and exercise

  2. rantdogg said :

    well I would say..anorexia and lifosuction to be the quickest

  3. Aj H said :

    Excercise and diet. That is all.

  4. laarni said :

    try the master cleanser diet
    or the lemon diet
    its a new diet fad in hollywood

  5. SomeGirl said :

    Starve yourself.
    Eat, then throw it back up.

  6. karlos24 said :

    eating the right stuff and doing some exercise.
    eat you greens and make sure to drunk plenty of water,
    cut the fat foods.
    eat around 4-6 mini meals a day to keep your metabolism going and burning calories,
    you will need to jogg, or do some jump rope.
    and dotn eat anything big before going to bed,
    eat at least 2-3 hours before you go to sleep.

  7. Junhui Z said :

    exercise running.dont eat just drink water.3day should be the limit.

  8. youtube - the0show said :

    you can….
    1. Not eat (anorexia)
    2. vomite after you eat (bulimia) brush your teeth though
    3. drink cold water. It takes calories for your body to heat the cold water to a sutable level for your body to handle
    4. exercise heavily
    5. low carb and calorie diet,
    6. cut off limbs



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