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How to lose weight in a healthy and effective way?

My main problem areas are in my legs and my gut. I’d like to lose the weight but also the excess skin. I have a busy life style that makes it hard to go to the gym. Are there any effective small exercises that I can do if I have a 5 minuet break here and there? Also if you have found some free online video exercises that have worked for you please list those as well.

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8 Responses to “How to lose weight in a healthy and effective way?”

  1. Amy said :

    get a wii fit ! Its fun & you can use it at home in the morning or evening … you can target areas …. also look at the iet your eating – incorporate more fruit & veg and leave out the sugar & some fats

  2. Rose . said :

    hi dear
    just follow these simple tips to shed extra pounds from your weight
    – take balanced diet
    – take 5 meals in the day
    – add fruits and vegetables in your meals
    – zip your lips for fried and fast foods
    – avoid colas and sweets
    – drink more water and fresh juice
    – do regular workout, yoga or brisk walk
    – think positive and keep smiling
    good luck


  3. BroadwayCutie said :

    well,i do 50 situps a day,20 leg ups and a lot of stretching.

  4. tim g said :

    eat small meals at regular times.
    don’t eat late.
    go for a walk.

  5. BrianTurner said :

    In reality there isn’t any quick fix that can be done in a five minute time frame. Getting and staying in shape is a lifelong commitment…but having said that, it doesn’t mean that small changes to your lifestyle wont yield incredible results…ie…diet and nutrition.

    The best thing I can recommend is the book Mens Health Abs Diet. There is a volume for men and women. The book will teach you about all natural foods and whole foods. It will teach you to change your culture of eating so that you eat as a human was designed to, balanced and nutritious. It also shows you that healthy eating and cooking can be delightful and tasty…i might have eaten at a restaurant twice this year. This book will teach you about the bodies functions how sugars and insulin play roles in body fat and how to influence your metabolism and make your body incinerate calories and burn fat while you are sitting and sleeping. This book changed my life and the lives of many of my closest friends that I shared my experience with. I was 315 pounds with a body fat of 27% and now I am 205 with a body fat percentage of 9%…I am that guy everyone looks at as the fit athlete.

    The best workout on the market without a doubt is P90X…If you really want to change that is how you can do it.

  6. Beautiful♥ said :

    Ok I am tryimng to lose weight too and while doing research I found that you cannot target weight loss, meaning you cant pick spots you want to lose weight in you have to lose weight altogether period!! You start shedding fat in the fattest area of your body first so most likely if you stick to a good workout plan your belly fat will start to shed away first.

    Don’t completely focus on abs workout because they don’t really work for losing belly fat they only work to help keep it toned so those are mainly for people who already have flat tummies an want to get definition and muscles in their belly.

    Do alot of cardio and weights try to do cardio for 30minutes and lift weights every day if you can… have to get a sweat going, get your heart rate up,EAT RIGHT. burn more calories than you eat. If you eat 800 calories burn 1,000, you can do this by walking 3-4 miles DAILY, incoporate a salad in EVERY MEAL, watch your calorie and carb intake, drink LOTS OF WATER, you can never drink enough water and it will make you feel full so u will eat LESS.Eat lots of veggies, things liek broccoli help with belly fat. The biggest wya to lose belly fat is to watch your carbs.Toning legs is probably the easiest thing to do treadmill, jogging, walking are the best ways to do that

    Try to eat more meals smaller portions, meaning dont starve yourself! eat small snacks throught the day so you wont be so hungry at dinner, stay away from too many carbs like bread, potatoes, crackers, pasta. SUGAR IS THE ENEMY.

    Eat baked or grilled chicken breast instead of FRIED.
    Eat tuna fish for a snack
    Cottage cheese or yogurt
    LOTS OF FRUIT in place of candy or juice.
    as many veggies as youc an tolerate

  7. Gourdman said :

    First, get rid of most processed foods in your diet. It’s a lot easier to ingest surplus calories than to burn them off, and, for a variety of reasons, the majority of processed foods WILL make you fat. Shows like Dr. Oz and Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution have been devoting lots of attention to this issue. You may want to tune in (and exercise while you’re doing it).

    Second, it’s more about your level of activity than strict exercise. Most Americans are incredibly sedentary, especially at home. An active person moves an average of 7,500 steps a day or more; someone who wants to lose weight should move over 12,000 steps daily. While I think you should find a way to incorporate more exercise into your day, no matter how busy you are, start by purchasing a good pedometer and measuring a baseline of your daily activity (or the lack thereof). You may be shocked by the results.

  8. ARTmom said :

    The videos I’ve found to be good are from that workout gal on Biggest Loser- start with the 6 week lose 20 lbs one. A tread mill is good. I lost 35 lbs with walking the neighborhood and also using my treadmill. Food wise-I used a little booklet you can p/u at any bookstore that lists fat grams in food. I kept it to 25-30 fat grams a day and did great. Less bread, sauces, etc. Once you start looking you’ll freak at what some carry! A teaspoon of Peanut Butter is about 18 for instance but I love a banana and Yoplait lite yogurt. Steamed veges with some garlic. I’ve changed to spray butter and also spray dressing. Low fat luncheon meats. Tuna etc. Its healthier eating and I feel so much better!


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