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How to lose Weight fast?! HELP ME?

My friends say I don’t need to but I feel really big and fat. So can anyone tell me how I can lose weight FAST AND EASY? PLEASE. I want to be in shape for Christmas

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11 Responses to “How to lose Weight fast?! HELP ME?”

  1. nbhfgeri said :

    Chop off an arm.

  2. Madeleine445! said :

    don’t eat!

    I eat nothing last Christmas and I was 4 stone!

  3. pgtkc1 said :

    If there was a way wouldn’t everyone do it?

  4. CrazyStorm said :

    Cycle through exercise machines, 3 times a week. Bike, Stairmachine and jogging. 1 hour each time. You’ll feel great.

  5. LORNE BIRD said :

    stop eating solids and go on a liquid diet and i dont mean booze

  6. AchillesInvention said :

    Stop drinking all Soda…all forms of it, DIET included.

    Calculate your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) look it up online, there are places that can do it for you.

    Take 400 calories out of it and separate the remaining into 5 meals throughout the day.

    Run or do 45 minutes of cardio before you eat in the morning.
    Do another 45 minutes of cardio before your last meal.


    That’s the simplest answer.

  7. Stefanie I said :

    Try cleansing! I just got done doing a cleanse with my husband in which I lost 12 lbs. in 9 days and my mental focus and energy went through the roof! Please check out this website it could change your life as it has mine Cleansewithcgnj .com

  8. WooToo said :

    This is a fast weight loss plan,but it`s not easy.
    Try the lemonade diet.

  9. lacey s said :

    1! there is no point goin on a diet 6 weeks before xmas so ya can pile the pounds back on!

    2! der aint no quick remedy unless you want 2 be saggy!

    3! use hoodia! a god remedy herbal pill! can be purchased in holland and barrent and now even on ebay my mate lost 3 stone in 4 months very effective x

  10. Cheer Couture said :

    everyone ignore her, Cant you see from the top ‘My friends say I don’t need to’ Thats cause she doesnt!

  11. dncr151 said :

    u @ scool?? get up early and say uve eaten, skip luch at scool and the eat only ur dinner and don’t snack (thats the hardest part) the weight will soon come off. lol xx


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