How to lose weight fast for football?

Im 13 years old and 246 pounds(i have been losing weight)and 6 ft. I want to become a Wide receiver by next year. I want to make the freshman Team. Im in 8th grade. what can i do to lose weight and get fit for a wide receiver by High school?

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  1. Andrea O said:

    dude ahha, im in grade 8 and i my school.
    weight pretty much doesnt matter.
    you may wanna shed a couple more.
    but you know yeah, my friend is in the 200’s
    and hes on the team. and hes rad.
    but if you really wanan loose weight.
    go to the gym a couple days every week
    and work out, and dont eat a lotta
    junk food. but yeah. btw, the push the shit
    outta you in football, like training
    all the time,. so be prepared : )

  2. Ty said:

    Sit ups Crunches and Running

  3. edman283 said:

    Dieting and exercise is the only way obviously. Youll need to run your ass off. Swimming is also a really good fat burning exercise. Lifting weights and ripping your abs every day is good too.

  4. mansionghost said:
  5. Donald D said:

    when i was 12 i weighed 120 kg
    when i was 13 my dad brought me a weight set and an exersise bike
    i am now 17 and i weigh 80 kg most mussel and i am 6,2
    yes there is hope just give him support
    and dont hassell him to regally


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