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how to lose weight fast at home?

i’m turning 13 in 3 1/2 months. and i want to look great for my party, and this boy i like! i need to know what kind of exersize i can do that doesn’t mean going to the gym!

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3 Responses to “how to lose weight fast at home?”

  1. LISA B said :


  2. curiosity_cant_hurt said :

    Do you have a skipping rope? Skipping is good.
    Jogging on the spot, sit ups? Anything really that increases your heart rate, make sure you do this for a minimum of 20 minutes =)

  3. anna f said :

    make a plan here is mine

    mon:10 sit ups
    Tues:run to the mail box and back
    wed:35 squats
    th:12 SIT UPS
    fri:RUN TO the mail box and back
    weekend nothing


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