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How to lose weight extreamly fast?

I weigh 130 pounds and I need to lose weight very fast. I exercise everyday for an hour and I have cut back on food and calories. I need help fast before I go to Florida!
I’m 14. 5’4. I want to lose at least 10 pounds. I am very active in cheer-leading, gymnastics, and horse riding.

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10 Responses to “How to lose weight extreamly fast?”

  1. horseluver94 said :

    Do P90X. It takes 90 days. It might not get you where you need to be by Florida but it will help.

  2. skittles said :

    how much weight are you trying to lose? How much are you eat and working out? Age, height?

    Id suggest master cleanse or a juice fast for 2 weeks. Wont be permanent but you’ll lose weight.

  3. rooori said :

    eat lot of boil vegetables fruits no protein

  4. Anklesnoogle said :

    The correct way to burn fat and stay healthy is to burn more calories than you consume, you can use your compputer to search for suIt’s all about diet and exercise.
    Eat a wel balanced diet, easy on the carbs and fat, and work out with weight resistance, and stretch.
    It’s not terribly difficult, but it does take some dedication and sweat. If you don’t work up a sweat it isn’t working.itable programs to help you

  5. I had a dream said :

    Eat an apple or two every day, and a cucumber

  6. Mark Fesion said :

    Loosing weight fast is always an unhealthy thing.
    There are many diets who tell you that you can loose a lot of weight in no time. And it is working, but you are doing no good to your body. And there’s also the Jojo-effect.
    The best thing to lose and hold a healthy weight is healthy food, less sugar, lots of drinking water, and sports.
    Diet has to begin in your head. And you already started to think about your nutrition. That’s an important step. It is too easy just to make a magazine-diet for 2-3 weeks and loose some weight. But it will come back soon again. If you are over-thinking your nutrition and activity, you will have a constantly good result. Isn’t that much better and healthier than a crash-diet ?

  7. Cx Cxx said :

    eat little, do more exercise.

  8. Adel said :

    In order to shed some weight a little effort is necessary at first.,, then it will come as a habit. Whenever you can, walk. Give up drinking anything but water. Once or twice a week, go swimming at the local pool.
    Up the exercise from an hour to 6 hours, that’ll do you good.

  9. Willis O'Brien said :

    Do not skip breakfast. If you need to go to bed a little earlier so that you can get up 20 minutes earlier each morning ?do it! Breakfast is so important to your good health and to weight control. According to Dr. Barbara Rolls a professor of nutrition at Penn State University, “Your metabolism slows while you sleep, and it doesn’t rev back up until you eat again.”

    Eating breakfast is not only good for overall weight loss, it will help you stay on track with your diet the rest of the day. You are more likely to binge on something sweet and in the read?group if you skip breakfast.

    You can always keep a couple of hard-boiled eggs in the fridge or some high-fiber, low starch fruit around. If you plan to eat fruit at all during the day, breakfast is the perfect time to do it.

  10. Glenn Seidler said :

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