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How to lose weight being a vegetarian and a teen?

I’m 14 years old 5’1” and 145 pounds. I’m trying to find ways to lose weight being a vegetarian. Almost everything I look at ( what your supposed to eat, recipes etc.) says to eat meat/fish at least once a day for protein to help you lose weight. Can someone please give me things to eat everyday being a vegetarian and exercises to do to help me lose weight?

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3 Responses to “How to lose weight being a vegetarian and a teen?”

  1. Grace said :

    If you are looking for protein, look at dairy foods. You can get a little protein from cheese and milk. Also, try nuts to get protein. Almonds and peanuts are good, but they also have a lot of fat, so don’t go crazy. Soy can be another good source of protein. Look for recipes with tofu or other soy products. You can even add tofu to smoothies for a protein boost!
    Don’t go crazy with any of these. Just eat healthy and try to be active. Whether it is running or walking or whatever you love, get up and do it!

  2. Lee said :

    lol you can get protein from many different things and you can be a pescitarian who eats only fish. the vegetarian thing stopped me from eating fast food and aslo made me love vegetables. look on the web you get protein from nuts beans ect or you can just drink a protein shake.

  3. Emily said :

    Congrats on becoming a vegetarian! If you want to find good substitutes for protein, try eating nuts, eggs, soy, there are some protein drinks you can get and don’t forget about tofu. Tofu sounds intimidating at first but when prepared well it can taste great. Also, you could start out with low impact aerobics. Try walking at first and when you’re comfortable with that, step it up a notch. Muscle work is also good because your metabolism needs to run at a higher pace to feed your muscles when they’re in good shape. Try squatting ten or twenty times a day, that works out your largest muscles, and trust me, you’ll feel it!


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