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How to lose weight around the middle in 3 weeks?

I’m going on vacation to Florida and haven’t worn a bikini (or any bathing suit for that matter) in almost 10 years. I want to look good in my bathing suit but I need to lose some weight around the middle in 3 weeks. I know I should have thought of this earlier but it is what it is. What are some good exercises to lose love handles and slim down my stomach? I’m going to start running with my dog in the morning to strenghthen my legs and butt and to get my cardio going. I’m 27, 5 ft 9 in and about 165 lbs. My BMI is about 24 which is in the normal range. I eat pretty healthy but just can’t get rid of the middle! Help!

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6 Responses to “How to lose weight around the middle in 3 weeks?”

  1. UR2FRIGID said :

    Sit-ups will not cause you to lose weight from your stomach or anywhere else. Sit-ups simply work your abdominal (stomach) muscles. In order to lose fat you need to improve your diet (stay away from junk food).

    Here is a link that can give you guidance on how to lose weight.

    You will need to learn which foods you can eat and which food will prevent you from losing weight. Generally low fat protein sources such as chicken, turkey, and fish, egg whites, etc. are good to eat. Red meat is fine once in awhile, but if you want to lose weight it is best to stay away from it for awhile because it is higher in fat. Fruit and veggies are obviously very important too. Never eat white bread or pasta. Eat whole wheat food such as Fiber One cereal. Many cereals are high in sugar and you should avoid sugar if you want to lose weight. Oatmeal is good too, but it has to be the large flake type, Not instant or pre-packaged flavour oatmeal because it has been processed and sugar has been added in the flavoured ones. Add your own flavour to oatmeal such as cinnamon, splenda (or stevia) and vanilla. For dairy, drink skim (non-fat) milk and plain yogurt with no sugar. You can add berries to sweeten the yogurt and add flavour. Cottage cheese is also a good source of protein, it is good if you mix it with fruit, I prefer slices of orange or mandarin oranges.It’s a good idea to keep a food diary and track your weight,

    This website does all the work (calculations) for you
    It will tell you how many calories you eat and lots of other stuff!

    You need to do cardiovascular exercise to burn fat. Some activities burn more fat than others. Here is a link where you can enter your personal information, choose an activity, duration and it will calculate the calories you burn.

    Surf the web to find others. The important thing is work hard enough to get your heart rate up.Here is a link to a target heart rate calculator.

    Weightlifting will also cause you to lose weight by raising your metabolism. The faster your metabolism is, the more calories you burn. Don’t worry, weightlifting will not cause you to look like a bodybuilder. It will tone your muscles and your body will look sexy, slim and curvy. Nobody wants to look like Nicole ‘Skeletor’ Ritchie.

    As you can see there is alot of work involved in losing fat. A HECK of alot more work than just doing sit-ups. If it was that easy everybody would be thin. It’s not easy, that’s why there are so many obese people. It takes two important things, work and education to lose weight. This should get you started!!!
    Weight loss pills don’t work, read the stories

  2. little_razorblade said :

    it sounds weird, but in sum part of mexico they put sarane rap around the part they want to lose weight.. they do it all day then take it off at night and when they shower.,

  3. Ricky said :

    sit ups and crunches baby, you build sum lean muscle there plus the cardio exersise you do, you will loose whatever you want, and dont forget to cut down on your fatty food intakes. to loose in 3 weeks, listen to music while you do it and make sure the abdominal pain is there or esle you are not doing much. one good exersise is lay on the ground then put your legs up and try to repeatedly touch your feet do a set of 30 and if it hurts, then its good. another exersise is lay on the ground put one hand in each butt check then lift your legs, do that about 15 times and if hurts your abbs then good, another thing you can do is have someone push your leggs forward as you are on the ground when they do this you must try to keep em from touching the ground sort of like. well thats pretty much all i do and i got a sexy six pack

  4. karmen k said :

    running (even though i hate to admit it) is probably the best thing. ive heard that wrapping your stomach with a stomach wrap or even saran wrap will make you lose more off of your stomach. i swear by ab workouts – they dont take long but you can see results really soon. you can do crunches (like 100 regular and 50 on each side every day) or other ab things like holding your legs at 45 degrees for as long as you can, crunches with your legs straight up in the air, sit ups, crunches on a fitness ball, or lay flat on your back and lift your legs to 90 degrees and continue to lift your butt off the ground <-- thats one rep and its really good for your lower stomach. if i run every day and do a bunch of crunch things (like 20 min) i see a big difference in a week. there are tons of these types of workouts out there. i would try a lot and find out which ones you like and feel the burn the most. good luck and have fun on your vacation!

  5. Britney said :

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  6. Luis Dimino said :

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