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How to lose weight and what foods to eat?

Ok, I’m not really fat or just a little chubby I’m fine but I still want to lose some weight. And I want to help my Dad. So can anyone give me a list of things to do and what food to eat to lose weight? Thank you so much. I want tp stay fit and next time I’m in a race or something I want to be fast. Thx! 10 points longest list and helps me the most!

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2 Responses to “How to lose weight and what foods to eat?”

  1. agHa said :

    Just avoid this kind of food:
    *cold drink (included cold freshwater, believe me!!)
    *fastfood (max once a week)
    *junkfood (max once per 2 weeks)

    recomended food :
    * white part of an egg
    * red part of meat (beef)
    *white part of meat (chicken)
    *drink a glass of coconut sugar water (serves warm, believe me!!!)
    *Fiber rich food

    *try to reach your own knees with your mouth evryday while your legs strecthed (to stay elastic)
    *routine exercise with proffesional personal trainer

    try this product (it has guarantee) :

    hope that helps you..

    see ya!!

  2. Else C said :

    Maybe you can try diet pills. I’m using one and it’s help me very much. Some people say that diet pills are dangerous but this one is not because it’s made of natural ingredient. Just try it i recommend


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