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How to lose weight and stay focused on a diet?

hello I am trying to lose weigh.t I wants to lose about 25lbs. I asked my doctor and she said I should eat between 1,100 and 1,300 calories a day. I am currently doing a rowing camp 3 times a week for two hours. what is an natural diet that is easy to follow. I have a hard time stating focused while trying to lose weight so could someone give me an easy to follow diet that I can stick with thanks.

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One Response to “How to lose weight and stay focused on a diet?”

  1. Puppylvr said :

    The best way I’ve found to stick with my diet, is I’ve picked an outfit I’m going to get as soon as I lose the weight!
    Every time I’m tempted to stray from my diet, I imagine wearing that outfit and looking hot 🙂 As soon as I do that It’s like my determination has been reset in stone! And I’m entirely dedicated again. It has really helped me 🙂


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