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How to lose weight and eat healthy and stick to it?

I have been overweight all my life and i have tried to lose weight but i get so depresses that i will eat. I have several health conditions that casues me to gain weight, but since i can’t afford to go to the doctor, i can’t get things taken care of. Does anyone have any good ideas of losing weight and sticking to the plan? if so please help.

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8 Responses to “How to lose weight and eat healthy and stick to it?”

  1. madchiman said :

    eat less meat and starches. eat more fruits and vegetables. fruit smoothies are addictive. and exercise

  2. Ginkgo said :

    This has what you are looking for. Diets do not work. 99% of people gain the weight back. Here is how it works. No one teaches the animal what to eat and what not to eat. He knows instinctively what to eat. Humans also have the same instinct. The way it works is just eat whatever tastes good and that will be healthy for you and non-fattening. That is why a baby tastes everything. So again whatever tastes good, is good for you. This is why you will spit out spoiled milk.

    But wait!!! Man has the technology to create rat poison. It tastes like healthy food (good taste) but kills the rat. So man has done that to you. Note- any food unaltered by man (uncooked) that tastes good, is good for you. So if you are stranded in the woods, that is how you know what to eat (cooking changes that). So man has created fake fruit. It tastes like fruit that exists in nature but it is terrrible for health, addictive and fattening called sweets.

    So it is natural to like real sweets called fruit, like a baby does, but they have fooled you just like the rat. But they do not want to kill you. They want you to become obese so you will buy lots of their foods. This is called GOOD BUSINESS. Remember the above (not on site) and see site below to re-learn how to eat so you can be thin and fit for life. Then click on natural healing for things you cannot afford.

  3. loulu said :

    This is my plan, and in my first two weeks, I have lost five pounds. Start working out, whether at a gym or at home….you will be surprised how much better you feel. In addition to that, since you obviously have access to the Internet, log on to and plug in all of your info. It will tell you how many calories a day you should eat. Be honest and log everything you put in your mouth! By knowing how many calories you are “allowed” you can make the decision as to what you want to eat, but is it really worth it to starve all day just to have a Big Mac for dinner? This allows you to make choices but also pushes you to make healthy choices. Good luck!

  4. JASUFER said :

    There is allot of stuff. I hope you read everything I write. First of all make sure you eat breakfast because it starts your metabolism. When you eat, just eat enough to where your not hungry, eat slow so you body can register the food. If you can eat a little like five times a day.”A little”. Make sure you lift weights as well because cardio burns calories for time being, but not after your done. Lifting weights your body is repairing itself constantly so it constantly burning calories. Eating try to eat fish and chicken, try to stay away from sauces and especially any kind of soft drinks. You can still eat what you want just stay away from anything with a high calorie content and exercise.

  5. Veronica H said :

    I’m over weight too but right now I’m just eating about 5 times a day but I eat little at each time. Your body can digest the food as you eat it and it can digest food all day not just in 3 different hunks. Try that and also eat lots of vegetables and fruit, they’re great and the best food you can eat.

  6. fcsprt11 said :

    Just keep thinking of the pain that overeating gives you. Binging always causes me to hvae serious depression for like 10 minutes afterwards. Exercise everyday, no matter what!! Even if it means walking up and down stairs for 10 minutes or walk for half an hour. If you don’t feel like exercising tell yourself, “I’ll go to the gym and if after 5 minutes I still wish I’d stayed in bed, I can leave” I guarantee you will always finish your workout. Best of Luck!

  7. Anastasia said :

    Swimming and healthy food everyday.Yoga also helps you to eat less.Good luck!

  8. Jennifer said :

    The mind of the naturally-thin person tends to be focused, with attention on one thing at a time. This quality simply mirrors itself in the body as narrow, pointed, intense or small. In contrast, the mind of the person who has a problem with their weight tends to be distracted, with attention on many things at once. This quality simply mirrors itself in the body as expanded, broad, encompassing or large. These are generalizations, of course, with many exceptions, but consider the overall message here. Because of the mind/body connection, it is suggested that the body will usually reflect the condition of the mind. As you narrow the focus of your mind, you will gradually experience a similar thinning within your body. Focusing in its pure sense takes no effort. It exists simply as the absence of distraction.


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