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How to lose thigh fat fast?

My thighs are really fat and I do leg lifts and standing knee.What else can I do to exercise my inner and outer thighs? I want to tone them to be slim. 😀
Yeah I don’t want to use acai berry or colon cleaning! so please don’t bother.

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2 Responses to “How to lose thigh fat fast?”

  1. jeffach said :

    diet and cardio

    there are no exercises that will target fat loss to ur thighs, thats impossible. U cant spot reduce fat. leg lifts are muscle building exercises, not fat burning. If you wanna burn fat u need to get up and get moving and burn cals, jogging works great.

    But diet is the key to fat loss, get ur diet in check.

  2. ymtmmtbh said :

    Riding a real bike or a stationary bike will help.


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