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How to lose the fat on my thighs and butt :P ?

Can You please help me and give me tips and information on how to lose that fat fast!?

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4 Responses to “How to lose the fat on my thighs and butt :P ?”

  1. knittymommy said :

    Bicycling works your upper legs and butt (glutes). You may not lose the fat from that area, but your muscles in that area will get bigger and stronger and use up more energy (calories/fat) to operate meaning you will slim down if you keep it up.

    I hope this helps =D

  2. hi said :

    running and riding your bike should help

  3. shaunsky1 said :

    swimming is the best way of getting fat of your butt Plus you can
    meet people who have the same problem hand’s on is Always
    the best way to tackle this sort of problem
    my wife did she lost 4 stones

  4. best tips for losing weight said :

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