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how to lose some back fat in 2 weeks?

I need to lose my back fat in the next two weeks.I kno I cant lose all of it but wat can I do to lose it faster?Schools starts in exactly 14 days I wanna lose it fast.I already lost a couple of pounds this summer and Im still working on it.

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6 Responses to “how to lose some back fat in 2 weeks?”

  1. grannybce said :

    it is the hardest fat to loose…good luck and when you find out, let all of us know…thanks

  2. Chattychica said :

    how do u get it???? i have a bony back how do you get back fat? i am way too bony.

  3. Megan W said :

    Cardio (running, swimming are perfect) and super man crunches lie on your back have a friend hold you feet and arch up like a sit-up.

  4. Itellall said :

    Drink a full glass of PURE water each morning upon rising.
    Eat what you normally eat, but add as many grapefruits as you can.
    Stop eating 3 hours before you go to bed.

    Doing just these three things alone will help speed your metabolism and take the fat off.

  5. aleximoose said :

    Well it’s hard to target what areas where you want the fat to leave but try this….
    make sure you eat a light breakfast (breakfast gets your metabolism going) like egg whites or plain oatmeal sweetened with honey (no sugar, or cheese)
    eat healthy salads with grilled chix…. a lot…. veggies
    Stay away from butter, cheese, whole milk, SODA, anything processed (chips, frozen dinners, cookies, etc) stay away from white bread, and pasta!!! and candy!
    EAT veggies, fruit, salad (with vinagarette dressings not creamy) whole grains, and lean protein….chix and fish
    and make sure you have 45 minutes or more of cardio a day!! (running, jumprope, swimming, elliptical, etc…) and make sure you’re sweatin pretty good and breathing heavy or you’re not working hard enough. whatever you do, do not stop eating! it will screw you up and you will not keep that weight off!! you will gain it back PLUS some.

    sorry for the lengthy answer…hope this helps

  6. Kristi said :

    I read that hula hooping helps take off back fat 🙂 worth a try!


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