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How to lose lots of weight fast?

I have 4 weeks to be ready and in shape for swimming and i would like to be down from 240 to 150 real quick and in a simple manner. I have tried so hard to lose weight and its time for it to be gone. So i need quick and easy ways to lose weight fast fast fast plz and thank you!!!!!!!

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12 Responses to “How to lose lots of weight fast?”

  1. Evan J said :

    get a exercise bike

  2. Andrew A Chi said :

    You can’t loose 90 pounds in four weeks without surgery.
    it will take much longer, but you just need to start exercising regularly and eating less/better

  3. Johnny said :

    Wow, the only way to lose that much weight in that amount of time is surgery. Just go for a morning or night run. Do some sit ups.

  4. punklovr182 said :

    try the south beach diet. you can buy the book on ebay for like $3.

  5. a.sazzi said :

    by a muscle milk formula, drink it, then go to the gym everyday for 8 hours working out to your max capacity.

    do not eat anything.

    just drink water with the muscle milk formula.

  6. sarrie31 said :

    there is no way u will lose that much in 4 weeks. i wish i could lose 40 in 4 weeks. i wonder if that is possible? prob not.

  7. philo_bedo said :

    Get a colon cleanse first thing. you’ve probably got 15-30 LBS of compacted food in your colon. Then drink tons of water, everyday.

  8. LITbr said :

    There is no way to lose 90 pounds in four weeks. Also, a lot of that weight that you want to lose isn’t just fat, it will be the extra skin left when the fat that is stretching it out disappears. To lose about ten pounds in a week, try the cleansing diet (google it) but basically you drink nothing but lemon water with maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Lots of celebrities are doing it because it cleanses the toxins from your body and you also lose tons of weight really quickly.

  9. edward's fiance!!! said :

    dude u can’t lose weight that fast. But my cuz was like EXTREMELY fat and he put all that weight down just by RUNNING. Trust me it is the key. And eat healthy too!! hope this helps!!!♥♥

  10. Cate L said :

    this site is really good. great way to loose weight and definately fast good luck x

  11. <3HoTTttie<3 simi said :

    surgery is the only answer

  12. mansionghost said :


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