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how to lose leg fat fast???????

hi i want to lose leg fat upper and lower fast but i dont want to build muscles on my legs im a girl and im 14 so how can i?? please help thanx

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2 Responses to “how to lose leg fat fast???????”

  1. :) said :

    hi(: im also 14 and theres this one diet im on that works really well for me. i lost almost 10 pounds in 3 days!! its called the 3 day diet. ill give you the link..
    dont do it for more than 3 days tho cuz apparently it’s really bad if you do.
    p.s. if you dont like that diet, the website has a bunch of other diets to pick from too.
    good luck(:

  2. LiberryAnn said :

    I am so sorry to tell you this, but the only answer here is liposuction or emaciation. That is why doctors who do liposuction can get so much money for it.

    If you do not want to build muscles in your legs, you need to reconsider by looking at pictures of the best looking women in the world. Who do you think that is? Beyonce? Jennifer Anniston? Cameron Diaz? Men like women with muscular legs. Women like thin legs. If you are willing to lose so much weight you risk death as in anorexia so you remain seriously under 100 lbs at over 5ft 6 inches and do no exercise, you can get thin legs without liposuction.


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