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How to lose fat during a football offseason..?

First, when I do bodybuilding, do I lose fat ? And what if I go for a 30 minutes cardio running after my workout at the weight room ? I play QB and FS so I have another speed and agility workout.. I workout every day, is it good or should I take 1 day of rest ?

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3 Responses to “How to lose fat during a football offseason..?”

  1. will m said :

    Actually, it’s proven that it’s better for you to run before you lift weights, it gets the heart rate going at a faster speed, therefore giving you better results. And yes, bodybuilding interchanges the fat for muscle. You should definitely take one day off, not because you’re a wimp or anything but physically, the body needs to recover in order to show improvement.

  2. Tim said :

    if keep of a good work out schedule year round you should not have to worry about weight gain. work out 4 to 5 days a week .. add about 30 minutes to you run and 15 minutes to to s&a drills.

  3. Bad Αss IX said :

    Yeah, I’m sure you work out every day.


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