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How to lose fat but not my shape?

I have some fat around my thighs and a little on my stomach, I want to lose the excess fat, but I’m afraid my hip and waist will get smaller and I don’t want them to! I’m size 32-26-37, and I want to keep my waist-hip size! What do I do?

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3 Responses to “How to lose fat but not my shape?”

  1. stillsexy said :

    one of the best ways to lose belly fat would be a diet and exercise. Now firstly you need to understand that when your stomach gets down your waist line would also drop but not my much. for best results you can sign up in a gym and let the instructor know what you wish to achieve. Good luck

  2. tj said :

    Your thighs have bones in them to give the shape of your leg area, that won’t be decreased. Your stomach is made up of tissue material that will decrease but that is good, a bigger waist can be something that leads to diabetes and heart disease they say, so best to get that trimmer. I would say to limit your calorie intake. IF that means typically 2000 calories a day, go to about 1500 and try some light excercise that is meant for spot reducing to keep the frame but to lose the weight.

  3. Donyae said :

    From your current measurements you do not need to lose weight. Maybe tone up a little? try doing some crunches and leg excersises to help get some muscle definiation. All women have a little fat on thier belly and thighs btw, it’s natural.


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