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how to lose fat and weight quickly?

i really REALLY want to lose weight quickly but i kind of know how. you exercise more, eat healthy blah blah. but it doesnt seem to work. ive heard that high intensity interval training (HIIT) and cardio workouts are the best for fat loss. but what do these workouts involve and what are the examples of cardo and interval training? and how can i lose weight fast?

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9 Responses to “how to lose fat and weight quickly?”

  1. Natdog B said :

    Well I lost 3 pounds in 2 hours. By doing laps in a pool but it the full laps not just swim back and forth its likw real swimming and I did that and ate cucumbers and I really did loose weight! Even though with my dinner I had all the dressing that are really high in fat and cholestrol. It still worked. Try it!

  2. Patrick Kallie said :

    Some examples of cardio interval training could be something as simple as running. Instead of just running at the same pace, you change the pace at different times.


    If you are running to miles, you could start off slow for the fist 300 yards. Then pick up your speed for 100 yards and then slow it down a little.

    You would get much more out of your run if you do this! Instead of just running at one pace.

    You could also apply this to

    1. Jump rope training
    2. Aerobics
    3. Dance exercises
    4. Resistance bands

    Always remember to change the pace of your workouts.

  3. bj said :

    All you have 2 do is just have sex 5 times a week and it will all drain out the vagina

  4. Ghdfgd Dgdf said :

    Patterns are good. Once you’ve found your workout groove, do your best to stick with it. Exercise no less than three times a week for 40 – 60 minutes each time, but don’t feel the “need” to do it more than five times over a seven day period. Your body will likely appreciate a burn-off in the morning more, but if you need to relieve stress in the evening – don’t be afraid to adjust your workout schedule accordingly. Schedule making and keeping are important for other areas of your life as well.

  5. Anonymous said :

    Remember that the fork is not a shovel. I eat fast (I swear I can’t help it). Even if I’m not hungry, I want to shovel everything into my mouth in less than a minute. But my brain doesn’t know that my stomach is full until twenty minutes after it actually is. As such, I could stuff myself silly before realizing I didn’t need to consume as much as I did. Try eating half of what’s on your plate, wait ten minutes, then continue to eat if you’re still hungry. You never want to feel full – ever. That’s when you know you’ve eaten too much. If you want a real hunger-stopper, try an Omega 3 and Omega 6 supplement (EFAs) twenty minutes before a meal.

  6. Killy Smith said :

    Become your own snack fairy. It’s okay to snack between meals, really. Small meals throughout the day are enough to keep you satisfied, as (much like the sensation of being full) you never want to feel hungry. Let your body know it’s going to get a regular regimen of calories. Plus, if you starve yourself for the regular meals, you’re probably going to eat more before your brain tells your mouth to stop. Think about it: breakfast, lunch, and dinner are social constructs at their very core.

  7. Killuy Sumer said :

    Fat is where it’s at. If you think you can lose weight and keep it off by avoiding all fats, you’re sadly mistaken. In fact, if you think that low fat eating is the only way to go, you might as well just quit now. Your body (and your brain) needs fat to survive! This is why the scientists call “them” essential fatty acids – Omegas 3, 6, and 9. These fats have been stripped from many supermarket shelf items, and it’s your responsibility to put fat back into your dietary plan. Don’t avoid eating fat, embrace it – equally.

  8. Dalins Banute said :

    1. First start by getting up earlier than usual. Around 5:30 AM to do some of you workouts. Getting up early shocks your metabolism because the body needs more energy to get going. Right? This will start your system on the road to weight loss. That early start with about 10 minutes of stretching. Have a cup of coffee to get the blood going also.

    2. Do all the sit-ups you can. Just do them. 15 or 20 whatever, we don’t have a lot of time to work with. Rest 1 minute repeat, do this for 6 sets. Already you are breathing hard and feel worn, because the body is working extra hard at being up earlier and then going right into exercise. If the early morning hour lets you get your cardio in, go ahead and do it. 30 minutes.

    3. Diet. Cut all current meal portions in half, just cut them in half, nothing fancy or complicated, CUT IN HALF! Cut out all bread products, all gravies, candies, chips, night snacks, etc. If you crave at night eat a banana, other fruit or best a non-fat yogurt. There are some tasty ones out there.

    4. In the evening do another 6 sets of sit-ups maxing out each set. Cardio again. The trick is to stay with getting up earlier. Yes it’s hard, that’s why it is so effective. Why do you think the Army gets up so early, it is intense training to the max.

  9. Anonymous said :

    Fiber good. When you start to lose fat, you’re probably going to get constipated. Yeah, it happens more frequently than we care to admit (or share). You should have a good amount of fiber every day, anyway. Fiber is very important to your health (and your weight loss goals). Try the Metamucil snack wafers for a quick fiber infusion. Then, magnesium citrate for those… “stuck” moments, in which you’ll find yourself from time to time. Stick a bottle or two of that in your fridge for safe keeping, and don’t plan on going anywhere for 24 hours after taking a dose (trust me, trust me, trust me).


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