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How to lose fat and gain muscle (for girls)?

I need to lose body fat and gain muscle for tennis. How is this possible? I have my diet plan down, but not the exercise plan. PLEASE HELP 🙁

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5 Responses to “How to lose fat and gain muscle (for girls)?”

  1. jeffach said :

    same as guys do it. lots of cardio for fat loss and weight training for muscle gain.

  2. [ CYW ] NEIL OWEN! said :

    keep your proper exercise

  3. Jim P said :

    Whether you’re a girl or a guy, if you want to lose body fat and gain muscle, you need to follow a personalized nutrition plan and increase your physical activity.

    A personalized nutrition plan is not a diet. Most diets are a generic, “one size fits all” way of eating. A personalized nutrition plan is based on you as an individual – your body type, your metabolism, and what mix of protein, carbohydrates and fats works best for you. A personalized nutrition plan is also a healthy way of eating that you can continue to follow even after you lose weight. A diet is only a temporary way of eating, and most diets aren’t very healthy.

    Increased physical activity should consist of both aerobic exercise and weight lifting. Many people only do aerobic exercise when trying to lose body fat, but weight lifting is a very effective way to lose body fat. Weight lifting builds lean muscle mass, and the more lean muscle mass you have the higher your metabolism will be. A higher metabolism causes your body to burn more calories and body fat 24/7, even when you’re relaxing and sleeping.

    When you combine a personalized nutrition plan with aerobic exercise and weight lifting, each of the three components complements and enhances the others, and they all work together to produce maximum fat loss without muscle loss.

    Here’s some information you might want to check out about an excellent resource that shows you how to create a personalized nutrition plan and how to use aerobic exercise and weight lifting in conjunction with it:

  4. Hooligan305 said :

    It’s the same as for men. Eat healthy, strength train, and get a lot of sleep.

    Below this will be at least one post telling you not to lift heavy weight or you’ll look like a dude. Don’t listen to that garbage. The only thing that will happen to you by lifting is you’ll become stronger and more powerful.

  5. Ngen B said :

    Nutrition, weight resistance and cardio!!! Keep plugging away and stay strict and you will see great results.


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