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How to lose belly fat in a couple of months?

okay. im 15. im 5 foot 6. and i weigh 147lbs. and im a boy. now i workout almost 4 times a week. but i eat a lot so while im getting stronger im also getting some belly fat. my dad says that muscle weighs more than fat. but i don’t want any fat really. someone just tell me how to lose at least 10 , (15 the most) pounds in like 2 months so i can be prepared for school sports.

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3 Responses to “How to lose belly fat in a couple of months?”

  1. Colors said :

    Go run an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening:that will do it.
    You can also go jogging,biking or swimming
    All will help

  2. kelvin S said :

    Eat healthier and work out.

  3. Jackson said :

    I came across a post on this site which is titled Exercises to Lose belly fat, it will tell you you need a combination of good eating and working out, so it looks like you are doing the working out bit. I’m not much of a dieter myself. But here are a few tips you might want to consider.

    Make sure you eat/drink at least 20-30g of protein after a workout, this will make sure that your appetite is curbed and that you will receive the benefits of the work out.

    More specifically on abs, because you can’t spot target fat, doing lots of ab exercises won’t help you lose the fat, doing chest and upper body exercises will require core strength but cardio exercises will actually see the bit of belly fat go away.

    This site should be able to help you more


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