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how to loose weight quickly at the age of 14?

i am 14 years old and i am trieng to loose weight quikly
i look horrible and i am at that age where i like to go out and go to parties but my weight is holding me back from it . people say i dont look bad but in my eyes i do. so basically wat i am asking is how do u loose weight quickly. i am 164 pounds right now and working out at the gym 5 days a week with my dad. just want to fit n and have fun at school and not worry about if someone is looking at my stomach

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6 Responses to “how to loose weight quickly at the age of 14?”

  1. shoefinatic89 said :

    well how tall are you? Since you are so young I would say just eat healthy and eat smaller portions, you wouldn’t want your body to become dependant on some diet pill and in the long run slow down your metabolism, so just measure out your portions according to the nutrition facts and stay healthy.. the workouts with your father should pay off 🙂

  2. taybunny111 said :

    do the special k diet and continue to work out

  3. NightxWolf said :

    1. Wake up early and drink a glass – small bottle of cold water on an empty stomach, this will cause your body to increase your core body temperature, and therefore burning calories.

    2. Once you’ve had your cold water, wait for about 30 – 50 minutes before you have breakfast. I recommend you have a bowl of low fat cereal with skimmed (no fat!) milk.

    3. Exercise!! It is the most important factor overall! For weight loss, you need to perform cardio. Also, I suggest you work out in the morning, you get more energized, just wait about 1 – 2 hours before your work out after breakfast. Walk at a fast pace for about 30 minutes, as a warm up. Then keep on running as fast as you can, and when you get tired, walk until you’re able to run again. Repeat this routine until you’ve worked out another 30 minutes.This is called cardio interval training. Studies have shown that people who perform interval training twice a week (in addition to two other days of lower intensity cardio) lose twice as much weight as those who do just a moderate cardio workout. Once you’re done with that, use an Elliptical Trainer / Cross-Trainer: these machines are fun-to-use and easy-to-use. I enjoy working out on these. Perform sit-ups before you go to bed.

    4. You must have lunch! But reduce the amount of food you normally eat, it will be easier if you use a smaller plate.

    5. Stay away from fried food, junk food, greasy food, candy, sweets, chocolates, potato chips, and sodas.

    6. Have a cup of green tea, without adding any sugar. It’s been proven that green tea stimulates your metabolism, and helps you burn more calories. I suggest you have that 2-3 hours after lunch time.

    7. Try to engage in reading rather than watching T.V., researches have shown that you burn 19% more calories reading, than watching T.V.

    8. Drink alot of water!

    9. Have 5-6 smaller meals rather than 3 large meals.

    10. Snack on healthy food such as veggies, fruits, and/or nuts!

    11. Try not to eat past 7 P.M., or wait 3 hours to sleep after having a meal in the evening.

    12. Just remember, that fat and carbohydrates aren’t bad for you, you just need to lower the quantity you intake, and you could do that by following step number 5.

    I assure you results if you follow this.

    I hope I’ve helped.

    Good luck!

    Night Wolf

  4. Miss Sunshine said :

    Just be healthy. Only eat when you’re hungry. And eat ice cubes when your not, usually curbs my cravings.

  5. teresa w said :

    If you are staying active, then you are doing the right thing! Just try to stay away from junk food and sugary drinks. This is a touchy guestion for all teenagers. You have to like yourself and not worry about what other people think! When you get older you will understand what I mean. There is no easy way because if you do not eat right, then your body and health will pay for it later.

  6. Sai2301 said :

    at your age its nice you`re working out with dad but remember that you must always aim at losing weight safely(about 3 pounds a week is perfect), NOT quickly!if you go to fast you will lose muscle,which is stupid,so be careful…portion control your food intake and everything will be fine…good luck


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