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How to loose weight quickly? (And keep MOST of it off)?

As we all have, ive really let myself go this winter!
Family is coming down for christmas and i wanto to be able to look HOT in my bikinis and looking nice in short dresses.
I loose weight reasonably easily, and am about 10 kilos overweight. I have just under five weeks and im prepared to do anything!
I dont have to keep it all of, just most of it, e.g. i loose 7 kilos, i want 4-5 to stay off! Because once they are gone i have more time to work at it.
how much weight to you realistically think i can loose?
Any diet plans or tips would help!
I have done this before, and kept off 10 kilos but put it on over winter, because i ate huge portions and lots of fatty foods!
I know to eat lots of breakfast,
drink plenty of water
get lots of sleep
and stuff but any diet plans or diets would help?

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7 Responses to “How to loose weight quickly? (And keep MOST of it off)?”

  1. diya said :

    Every morning pls. take lemon and honey 1 table spoon.

    u will looseeee

  2. Dj said :

    Scientifically speaking, to lose weight instantly, you can visit other planets where gravity is less.

    Good luck and God bless!

  3. Bad said :

    three main things to eat less: Rice,Bread,Noodles

  4. cyd said :

    Try LOW CALORIE DIET and ROUTINE EXERCISE. Before doing a diet plan on yourself, ask your doctor and licensed dietitian to do a weight loss program for you. Surely with the help of a professional would be more safe and effective than doing it alone.

    You could check on your food guide pyramid and recommended dietary allowance(RDA) to know the amount of calories you need. Usually different countries have their specified Food guide pyramid and RDA.

    Some could lose 5lbs a week with proper balance diet and routine exercise. 4-5 kg(8-10lb) more to go if in a diet plan, you could lose this extra weight within a week or two weeks. Try to divide your caloric intake to 6-7 meals( Breakfast, am snack, lunch, pm snack, dinner, midnight snack) while considering the right food to take and its amounts.

    Reducing or limiting your intake of High fat foods, softdrinks, sweets/candies, saturated fats or oil could help you lose weight. Use unsaturated oils(veg oils, olive oils, canola oil ). Eat fruits high in fiber. Boiling foods, steamed etc that reduces fats from the meat could help remove fats on chicken, beef, pork etc. Drink fruit juices with L-carnitine some studies suggest it helps burn body fats.

    Read books about good nutrition and ask experts help still the best.

  5. Mike C said :

    My field is in fashion, as a result many people ask me how they can slim down. My answer is always the same: good diet and exercise. But I found this great product which I think helps a lot in the process. I recommend you check this website , they have a free trial and you only pay $4.95 shipping and handling. Good luck!

  6. harry said :

    if you really want to lose your weight, don’t worry.exercise daily with some hard workouts ,drink fresh jucies.if you want more details view the website

  7. cucufate said :

    If you want to reduce your weight, you need to do a lot of exercise to accelerate your metabolism. It’s better if you do cardiovascular exercise, because this kind of exercise helps you burn fat…

    You should begin with a good eating plan, combining fats and sweets with fruits and vegetables. It will be better if you drink at least eight glasses of water daily to control your calories and your cholesterol.

    If you want you can use some pills to control your weight and to accelerate the process of burning fat.

    I know some pills which you can use to reduce your weight. Those pills are Xenical. Its results are excellent and fast.


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