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How to loose weight in thighs?

What are good and effective ways to loose weight in your thighs quickly?

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6 Responses to “How to loose weight in thighs?”

  1. shri k said :

    daily 5-10 km jogging,

    at morning & evening both,

    this is true,

    i have seen such effects,

    thank you,

    have a nice life

  2. Jenny W said :

    Well, really to get it a little less weight and fat….just exercise normal.

    And do exercises for legs like butt kicks, but do a lot of areobic exercise.

  3. piehips said :

    stand tall and lift your leg away from you without letting it touch the ground and when that doesnt take much effort anymore strap wieghts around your ankles.
    or LAY on your side and lift your leg the same way into the air…haha not sure about weight ….but it will help develop muscle because muscle is better than fat…right???

    perhaps thisll helpya

  4. Super Nanny said :

    squats & lunges with wieghts

  5. RanaBanana said :

    You can’t spot reduce. If you’re going to lose fat, it will be everywhere. You can tone your thighs which will make them less jiggly.

    Do squats, lunges and biking.

  6. Successful weight loser said :

    I had the same problem and I tried this…why don’t you give this a try…it’s not easier to do it alone and by starving:


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