How to loose weight fast,and healthy?

I am a 15 year old female about 5’10,and I play Basketball,I lift weights everyother day,and i practice everyday except on saturdays and sundays!I weigh about 156 pounds,and I would like to get down to about 135.i wear a size 9 in jeans,but I would like to get down to a size 5.Does anyone have any ideas on how I can loose weight healthy and fast?

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15 Responses to “How to loose weight fast,and healthy?”

  1. shawndeuce2003 said:

    eat alot.

  2. davehuckleberry_55 said:

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  3. Ava said:

    Wow! Im 5’7 and 130 lbs and want to gain 5 lbs! Thats too skinny for your height! But id say eat a lot of carbs.

  4. winds_of_justice said:

    The best way is to jog every other day, don’t work your body out too much too fast. Every other day run, lift weights, and do stuff like sit ups and stuff like that. After awhile your body will start losing weight. You’ll reach a ‘plateau’ point where you won’t lose any weight for a bit but don’t worry, you’ll get over that part after a bit.

  5. Niigata Reijiku said:

    That’s alot a weight to lose as an athlete. Your most likely gaining muscle rather than loosing fat. Stop concerning yourself with weight. Concern youself with how you fit in cholthes.

  6. cmeilinli said:

    keep on going! you can eat junk food. try not to eat too much. if you’re really enthusiastic about losing weight, limit it to every other day. after all, nobody but you will really care about your weight. try different foods, like low fat yogurt, low fat smoothies, etc. good luck!
    you could just say :”fat and proud of it” if you dared

  7. christina rose said:

    good call on wanting to take the healthy route….you definitely need to be as healthy as possible, since you’re an athlete…sounds like you get plenty of excersise, as well as weight lifting…do you run? running helps with thighs and may help slim your hip area some. since you’re so athletic, though, you may just be a natural size 9, and very very healthy and trim just as you are. and you’re so tall!! i’m 5’6 and 140 lbs, and wear a pant size 4 on average. since you’re 5’10, 135 lbs is a pretty low weight for you…possibly could be below what is considered “healthy.” somethign to look into.

    good luck and stay healthy in whatever you decide.

  8. caroline t said:

    Try really hard to avoid sugary, fatty foods. i know that it sounds hard, but there are really good foods that are healthy, liked cooked veggies. also try exercizing everyday, esspecially running, that is the best way to lose calories. Studies show that everbody should exercize 60 minutes a day.
    Good luck!

  9. pinkee said:

    That is probably an oxymoron…fast and healthy. Losing weight the healthy way takes time. For being 5’10” and wearing a size 9, you already seem to be a healthy weight. Especially since you do strength training- muscle weighs more than fat. What is most important is what you put into your body. Drink lots of water, eat lots of fresh fruit and veggies, and whole grains – concentrate on being healthy and fit, not thin. Certainly, talk to your doctor and see where your BMI is at and if it is in the healthy range. If not, get his/her advice on healthy weight loss. Please, whatever you do, DO NOT contact some creepy stranger by e-mail (see above) especially being that you are a 15yr. old girl. Be careful what info. you post online. Stay safe and healthy. 🙂

  10. Hottie_MR said:

    eat only healthy foods and keep ur extra sizing going.
    sometimes it takes a long time to lose weight!!
    i am 14 years old, 5’2(yes i am short), weigh 105 pounds, and in jeans i am i size 0. i am very small but i am very health and i extra size a lot and i drink a lot of milk!!
    try drinking fat free milk everyday and drink at least 4 glasses a day. i drink up to 5 to 6 glasses of milk a day!! 🙂
    Try that and good luck!! 🙂

  11. AuntVal said:

    At your current weight, you body mass index (BMI) is 22. Normal is 20 to 25. Anything below 20 is considered underweight and unhealthy. So you could lose 16 pounds to get to 140 pounds (BMI of 20). There is no fast way. Losing weight too fast will cause loss of muscle. Best way is to cut down on some types of carbs, like potatoes, white bread, anything with sugar in it. Stick with meat, fish, eggs, dairy products,fresh fruit and vegs, and whole grains like whole wheat bread and oatmeal. Just cut back a little on what you eat. Eat fresh fruit and vegs for snacks. And don’t drink soda. Lots of water helps weight loss. It may take more time, but in the long run you will keep the weight off and be much healthier.

  12. geek49203 said:

    First, if you’re doing all of that, then your problem is that you’re built like an athlete. Your body fat percentage is probably fairly low, but you’ve got some muscle mass. Look at athletes like Barry Sanders (ask your dad) — according to the height-weight charts he was “obese” but there wasn’t a speck of body fat on him that you could see. Lance Armstrong and Dubya Bush are “overweight” by the same charts, for the same reasons.

    If you’ve got a local major university, ask them if you can do a body fat measurement on you. That will involve being dunked in a tank of water, so be prepared to be “baptized”. If you’ve got excess body fat then you’ll need to adjust your diet, but otherwise (see point #2 below)…..

    Second, I’m betting that getting down to size 5 isn’t in your genetic code. Don’t worry, I find size 9 women to be sexy too, and you’re still smaller than the national average.

    Third, there is “fast” weight loss, and then there is “safe” weight loss. There is no short cut. If you lose it fast, not only will you jeopardize your health but all weight lost will come back (and more!) when you resume your normal routine.

  13. russellmania8523 said:

    Here are my rules for loosing weight fast and healthy. When I went on a diet, I lost 8 pounds in the first week, and 2-6 pounds a week after my first week of going on a diet. The best part was I didn’t even have to exersise at all.

    1. Eat normal meals. Eat slower becouse your more likely to get full. If you eat fast, it takes 15 min to realize that you are actually fool, and thats how people over eat.
    2. Drink no regular pop at all. You can drink diet pop once in a while, but don’t make a habbit of it. Drinking regular pop is the worst think for you, so I would recommend not drinking any at all.
    3. Drink lots and lots of water. When I went on a diet, I saved a 1 liter bottle. I got this from a gas station. It was like a 1 liter of coke bottle. I would recommend getting one for yourself. Fill the bottle 8 times during the day and drink every bit of it. If you drink 8 of them, you will be drinking 8 liters of water a day. If you drink this and eat normal and not drink any regular pop, you probably won’t have to excersise at all becouse the water will do all the work. Your stomach may feel full or even hurt, this is normal. Force yourself to drink all this water, you will reap the benifits in the long run.
    4. I also wouldn’t drink anything like tropicana or anything that contains a lot of sugar or carbs.
    5. You can exercise if you want to, but you probably won’t need to as the water takes care of everything.

    This is how you will loose weight the health way. When you drink all that water, you may notice your weight increase by 8-10 pounds, don’t worry this is completly normal. Its called water weight. You will most likely lose all this weight when you wake up the next morning, you may even be a pound or two lighter then you were. The pounds you lose adds up quit fast. Your eating normal, drinking tons of water, drinking no regular pop. Thats all their is too it. I hope the best for your sucess.

  14. Fat G said:

    Lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks??

    There are some websites on the Internet, which promise you that you are going to lose 10 pounds in every 2 weeks. If you are good in math you will find that keeping these stats in mind, 260 pounds in a year. Losing 260 pounds is the figure, which is unbelievable and unexpected.

    This kind of claims are planned just to cause clients to make impulsive decisions. When you gain weight, did you gained around 50 minds in two months? Certainly not. We gain weight in weight in small parts, which add up to our weight. This keeps on increasing with time.

    I think you get what I mean to say. We normally gain weight in grams like 65 gram per week. With this stat you are going to gain around 7 pounds at the end of year.

    This weight is so slow that you cannot measure it weekly. But in fur years you are going to gain around 28 pounds.

    So how can you expect this weight to go in few days? You are going to lose the way you have gained it. So it will take time to lose weight. So you have to start losing weight systematically. You can lose weight by developing the good eating habits in you and nutritious foods.

  15. seychelles_55 said:

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