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how to loose weight fast and still be healthy?

my mom was just wondering what is the fastest way to loose weight?

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4 Responses to “how to loose weight fast and still be healthy?”

  1. Weerd G said:

    i heard a relly fast way wuz to swallaow an tapewurm

  2. solya_kay said:

    Water-drink lots of it-cut out everything else. Exercise walk as far away from the store, school ect as you can get-and walk fast. Be active even when sitting on the couch-do jumping jacks during the commercials. Watch what you eat think veggies and fruit and protien-stay away from carbs ie bread, pasta and potatos. Exersize everyday for at least 30 minutes doing some kind of cardo one day weights the next-that is really the best way. A short cut would be nice like a magic pill but it wont work in the long run and may effect your health good luck-if you stay dedicated to eating right and exersize you can loose about 3 pounds a week. Oh ya it may take a week or 2 before you see results then it is impressive so hang in there!

  3. healthyes said:

    The Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet. Most people lose about 10-15 lbs a month. You are only eating healthy foods, such as chicken, fish, turkey, fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, low fat dairy, eggs, etc.

    The secret of this diet is how the menus are created. They are “calorie shifting” menus. You will choose the foods you like, and then the “diet generator” will create the menus for you. You will be rotating the types of foods you eat each day to maximize your metabolism. This will enable your body to burn more calories and fat, therefore losing weight.

  4. Vicky said:

    If you just search the google with the same phrase “How to loose weight fast” then you will be resulted with lots of search results giving you instant formula of loosing weight.

    However, honestly speaking there is no formula as such for loosing weight fast.

    You can use this simple procedure if you want to become healthy as well as good body shape:

    1. Make realistic goals: Give yourself enough time otherwise you will lose confidence in your efforts for loosing weight. Small but achievable goals will give you confidence to achieve your final goal.

    2. Make a proper diet plan: Take help of your dietitian and make a diet plan which should be filled with low calorie, low fat.

    3. Make a exercise routing: Again take help of an expert trainer and make a daily routine of your exercise as per your body shape and build. However, do not exert. Otherwise you will harm your body in the long run.

    Follow these simple but important aspects of loosing weight.

    Best of Luck,
    Vikash Kumar


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