How to loose weight as QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE?

Hi there, was wondering whats the best way 2 loose weight as quickly as possible?
are there any ways of compressing the appetite?

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  1. Lovely...not >.< said:


  2. dpskl said:

    The best way would be to exercise. Keep fit. Run around and starting sweating and burning your weight away. Loose too much weight in too little time and some severe medical issues might arise.

  3. Advice? said:

    Consistent exercise, and a healthy diet avoid fatty/oily foods.
    Get a personal trainer.

  4. Joe S said:

    The best way to lose weight as fast and as safe as possible is through a healthy diet and exercise. Make sure the foundation of your nutrition comes from lean protein and veggies. Lean meat is also the best way I know of curbing your appetite. Eating a chicken breast blunts most cravings that I have. Couple this with a solid exercise plan. Do some cardio and start off small, shoot for 20 mins and work your way up. Also throw in some weight lifting exercises for total body workout. Hope that helps!

  5. Jake T said:

    What helped me when I had a weight problem was I just ate 3 normal meals a day and no sugary drinks at all and cycled vigorously for about an hour everyday and the pounds just came off.


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